What does it cost to visit the Andes mountains?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What does it cost to visit the Andes mountains?
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What is the prominent mountain range of south America?

The main mountain range is the Andes Mountains.

What type of mountains are the Andes range?

The Andes Mountains are Folded Mountains.

What are the 5 tallest volcanoes in the western hemisphere and what mountain range are they in?

The Andes Mountains The Andes Mountains The Andes Mountains

What is the mountain rage in South America?

The Andes runs along the West Cost of South America.

What chain of mountains lies between Chile and Argentina?

The Andes Mountains

Mountains to the west of south America?

The Andes Mountains

How many people visit the Andes mountains in a year?

The numbers of people per month varies, but all together, 91, 237 people visit the Andes Mountain Range Per Year.

What mountains on the western edge of south America are the?

The Andes Mountains form the 'spine' of South America

What can you do in Chile?

You can visit the Andes mountains, tour the wine country or visit the beach towns. Santiago has beautiful parks with hikng trails.

What are human features from the Andes Mountains?

What are human features from the Andes Mountains?

How can you use the word Andes mountains in a sentence?

The headwaters of the great Amazon river are in the Andes mountains. The Inca people lived high in the Andes mountains. The American Rocky mountains are suppposedly part of the same chain as the Andes mountains.

Rocky Mountains is to US as Andes mountains is to?

Actually, you should reword your question to "The Rocky Mountains are to North America as the Andes Mountains are to?"The answer would be South America. Both the Rockies and the Andes are found in several countries.