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The answer is that it depends. There are a wide range of factors that can affect your career switch. You may have been a office manager for ten years or a computer programmer for seven...the background varies. However, your goal is to earn your graduate degree and become a certified teacher. First let's look at the scenario that you don't have the financial luxury of quitting your day job and going to school all day. You will happy to know that many teacher education programs have evening classes. Usually the classes start at 4pm or later. You would need to quit or suspend your day job during student teaching, though, as you will be required to be in teaching student full time. Second let's look at the scenario that you really, really, really want to quit your day job. Many states have fast track teacher certification programs due to the extreme shortage of teachers. They will place you in a classroom right away with a full time job. (This is typically at the junior high and high school levels where you will teach a specific subject. You must pass content exams first as well.) You will be paid, but will need to take your teacher certification courses in the evening. Be forewarned though, that this type of fast track is NOT for everyone. It can be very, very overwhelming to jump right into a classroom.

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Q: What does it entail to change your career to become a teacher?
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