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Please provide more details. Did you look to see where this oil was coming from? Does the oil on the dip stick smell like gas? Just a guess but many of the older models cars have a fuel pump mounted on the engine if the fuel pump diaphragm has a hole in it it could possibly send gas mixed with oil to the ground as well as in the engine. , EzForJesus

Make sure it Really IS Gasoline and/or Oil leaking. My 1986 535i. (assuming the engines are not too much different) Starting getting a pool under it only when it was parked and it was coolant/water leaking out from a hose clamp. Found out the coolant spraying was washing off oil and residue that was from a previous (fixed) leak that simply was not cleaned up.

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Q: What does it mean if a 1985 BMW sprung a leak and pooled a puddle that smelled like gasoline and oil mixed but didn't leak after the car heated up?
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