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There's directions inside the box of the test and it shows u what it looks like if u r or arent pregnant. There has been many complaints that this product gives false positives. I did a web search and many people had this problem with Clear Blue.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-06 11:25:49
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Q: What does it mean if a Clear Blue digital pregnancy test comes up with a blue line?
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What are the best pregnancy tests?

clear blue digital tests, mostly the digital. you would want to buy the more expensive. to be sure about myself, i took five pregnancy tests from first responce and clear blue. they were all positive, and then i got the cheapest kind since sometimes they are inaccurate.. that too came up positive.

Has anybody ever had a positive on a Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test and it been wrong?

Some Women have yes. But a positive pregnancy test must be confirmed by your doctor.

Your clear blue digital pregnancy test said you were pregnant and had 3 what does this mean?

my clearblue said am pregnant and it say 1 2 what that 1 2 weeks

What does a smiley face on a clear blue digital pregnancy test mean?

It probably means your pregnant. Cause a smiley face=happy, and usually people are happy when they get pregnant.

On Monday I did two clear-blue tests faint but positive today did digital clear-blue which says not pregnant?

If you got a positive you are pregnant. These is no such thing as a false positive. Another pregnancy test may give you a negative because it requires a larger amount of HCG to be detected before it will read positive. This is especially true for digital tests. So, congratualations.

On a clear blue pregnancy test what does one dark line mean?

If it is digital you are not supposed to read the lines, only the "pregnant" or "not pregnant." If it is a regular one, it means you are not pregnant or the test was not done correctly.

Can 8 positive clear blue digital tests be wrong?

It is remotely possible, but unlikely. If someone has used eight over the counter pregnancy tests and all have come up positive, that someone should see a doctor for other possibilities if pregnancy is not an option.

One blue line on cvs digital pregnancy test?

Not pregnant

What do 2 blue lines on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

congrads your preggers!

How accurate is a clear blue pregnancy test and is clear blue known for false negatives?

clear Blue is a fairly accurate test as it measures quite a small amount of the pregnancy hormone. any pregnancy test can give a false negative if done too early. But as it measures a small amount of hormone it should give very few after a missed period.

How do you use a clear blue pregnancy test?

Well.... You pee on it...

How reliable are home pregnancy testing kits?

It depends on what kind of test you are taking. Depending on the level of hcg that the test picks up they can be pretty accurate. The best test right now is the clear blue digital.

Is clear blue digital reliable?

Digital tests are some of the best home pregnancy tests on the market. They are easy to read and have only a small margin of error. However, digital tests are not the most sensitive tests out there and are more likely to give you a false negative unless you wait to test until 14 to 16 days after ovulation.

Do home pregnancy test work?

Yes....clear blue is the best

Can i reuse a clear blue pregnancy test?

no they can only be used once

What does a Button of heroin look like?

Sometimes it comes in a clear capsule other times it comes in a blue and clear capsule the top is blue and the bottom is clear. And the heroin is usually a light tan or white color. Sometimes it's darker.

How does a clear blue pregnancy test results look when you are pregnant?

how do i read test

What is the soonest any pregnancy test can detect pregnancy?

Clear blue pregnancy test can tell almost straightaway, and you can buy them almost anywhere. Hope this helps :-)

Is my clear blue pregnancy test still accurate after 10 minutes?

my clear blue showed a pregnant sign and a 6 days later I looked at it again and it was negative.What does it mean?

What types of ovulation tests are produced by Clearblue?

Clear blue has a dual hormone indicator with a digital test display. It not only tests for the release and presence of the hormone Oestogen, but it also tests for Progesterone, as both these hormones are released during a pregnancy and ovulation.

You have taken the clear blue digital home pregnancy test and it showed a positive result so to confirm this you have done 2 others today but late in the evening they are showing negative are you preg?

i took the test and it showed me a open book wit a arrow on it what does this mean

What does it mean if your clear blue pregnancy test is blank?

Control didn't work, test is not accurate.

It is a purplish blue color Is it a sign of pregnancy?

I need to be more clear. My vagina turned from a pink color to a purplish blue color. Why does this happen?

Who are the actresses in the clear blue pregnancy test commercial?

I believe it was miley cyrus kim k and some others...

Can a pregnancy test show positive if you're not pregnant?

Yup.AnswerIt isn't likely. False negatives are common. False positives are very uncommon. They can. I have had some false positives with Clear Blue (not the digital type). False positives are not likely but they can happen if you have had a chemical pregnancy (early miss carriage) or if you have HCG (the pregnancy hormone) occurring in your body.