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yes you can be pregnant and get a negative test result with blood tests it is rare. There are other causes of missed periods see your gynecologist he will probably recommend an ultrasound.

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Q: What does it mean if a blood test was negative but you still have no period and can you still be pregnant and have a false negative?
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If home pregnancy test negative can you still be pregnant and get your period?

No you can't be pregnant and still have your period. You can have a light bleed but not a period. As for the whole negative test thing, it could be a false negative.

Can you still be pregnant even if the test says not pregnant but you have a light period?

yes you can have a false negative, but not a false positive. if you think that the test is wrong and you do not have a normal period go to your doctors

You had a positive pregnancy test around 3pm yesterday and then you took it twice 10 am this morning and it said negative you still have no period are you pregnant?

Well it is possible for a false positive and it's possible for a false negative, the safest way to be sure is to get a blood test.

Can i blood pregnancy text be negative if you took it before you expect you period?

Pregnancy tests are almost always accurate with home tests it is more common to get a false negative then a positive if it says you are pregnant then you are.... With a blood test you will most likely always get the correct reading because your blood changes it increases and it develops a hormone that is only there when pregnant.

Can you be pregnant even if the test was negative and yet no menstruation after 9 days of expected period?

Yes, it's called a false negative.

No period breast tenderness and one positive one negative.?

You're pregnant. False positives are extremely rare

How can you tell if you're pregnant or just experiencing symptoms of the Pill?

The most effective way is to take a pregnancy test. The store bought urine tests are very effective by the day of your missed period. It can be a false negative but not a false positive. If you still think you are pregnant, a blood test would be in order.

What if you missed your period but the test was negative?

If you missed your period it can mean your pregnant but if you took a test and it came out negative there is a chance it can be a false negative meaning you can still be pregnant and not know it. im going through the same thing ask your doctor for an ultrasound and see whats in your tummy good luck

You feel pregnant but the tests say no and you have PCOS?

Well it is possible for you to be pregnant and have PCOS, and there is also a posiblity of a false negative. If you think that you are pregnant, you should get a blood test to be absolutely certain.

Had artificial insemination and now on day 32 and no period yet however the home pregnancy test came out negative can i be pregnant?

false negatives are definitely possible. call your doctor to schedule a blood test.

What does it mean when you have pregnancy symptoms and he pregnancy test is negative?

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

Could you still be pregnant and have your period regularly but test negative and also still have all of the symptoms?

No, you can suffer the affects of a false pregnancy.

Is it possible to have late period neg hpt and still be pregnant?

It is possible but unlikely. 16 days after ovulation/fertilisation when a home pregnancy test is negative it is pretty much accurate (not false negative) . You should ask for a blood test if you are still concerned! All the best!

What is difference between false negative and false positive?

A false negative indicates that a person may not have a disease that is being checked for or that the person may not be pregnant. Having a false positive would be the opposite showing that the person does have a disease or could be pregnant.

What can cause a person who is pregnant get a negative urine pregnancy test?

You can get a negative test if you test too early. I'd wait until after you miss your period to test. You can also get a false negative if the test was done incorrectly.

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late on your period and are testing negative on a pregnancy test?

Yes. Home administered pregnancy tests can be administered wrong and lead to a false negative result.

Is it possible to get a false negative blood pregnancy test?

no because if you are pregnant even at an early stage in your pregnancy the hcg hormone shows up

November my period was heavy clots of jelly lasted 5days could this have been a miscarrige December it was light for 2days January I had no period at all could I be pregnant 3 pregnancy tests positive?

If you tested positive for pregnancy, you are pregnant. Those test MIGHT have a false negative, but they CAN"T have a false positive.

What is the percentage of women who are pregnant with false negative test results?

If you took a pregnancy test too early, you could have a false negative. There are seldom false positive's though.

If you take a blood test and it comes back positive and then 2 days later you take another blood test and it comes back negative could you still be pregnant?

False negatives are common, however, there is no false positive. It is best to get a blood test to be absolutely sure.

You have not missed a period. the pregnancy test was negative but you have literally every symptom. are you pregnant?

The answer is maybe. Sometimes the concentration of hormone is too low in the urine and a false negative is given. You canspot and make you think you still have/had your period. Sometimes the test may give a false neg. or positive. If youthink you are pregnant, your mind may play tricks and make you experience all the symptoms. See a doctor if you are unsure. Consider all the alternatives if you are pregnant.

Can you miss your period two months and get a negative hpt?

Yes, you can get a false negative with a hpt. On the other hand you can not get a false positive with a hpt.

Is it possible to have a period and false negative pregnancy test at the same time and still be pregnant?

VERY VERY VERY rare. If you have a period on top of a negative test I would almost 100% say that you are most certainly not pregnant and just having your natural flow. On the other hand, if you are feeling sick and not right after your period, then get tested by your gyno and see whats up.

What does it mean when a blood hcg test comes back with neg and pos on it?

If an hCG test comes back positive, it means the person is pregnant. If it comes back negative, the person is probably not pregnant, but it could be a false-negative if testing was done too soon.

Pregnancy is it possible to be pregnant and all home tests are saying negative and you're getting your periods?

It is possible to get a false negative on a at home pregnancy test but it is not common. Go to your doctor and have a blood test done.

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