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It sounds as if you have a nice personality and are very friendly to people. This is a great quality to have. I really find it refreshing and I respect young people when they don't listen to the labels put upon each other and have the guts to "be different" and stand on their own two feet. Usually chubby people can have a difficult time in the generation of "thin is in" and it sounds like he likes you a lot simply because you notice him and take the time out to talk to him. Personally, give me a guy with a good sense of humor first. When young of course I looked at the jocks in school and the so-called good looking guys, but when I started to mature I did date some guys that were over-weight and we had so much fun together. I found often that people who are considered chubby have much more to their personality, are more mature, and don't play a lot of head games. Personally, I'm not a person that likes head games and if you have something to say to me then spit it out. If you enjoy talking to this young man then consider going out with him even if you don't love him. You just never know what you could be missing. If anything, you could end up being very good friends.

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Q: What does it mean if a boy at church is an altar server and always stares at you which has been happening for over a year and he is nice and talks to you after service?
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