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What does it mean if a girl wears black underwear?


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Sometimes teenagers invest in a few pairs of black underwear because their rhythm and amount of flow can be unpredictable, and sometimes they don't quite change the tampon/pad in time, causing their underwear to become stained. Black underwear doesn't show stains as much as other colors, so you can wash them and have perfectly fine underwear again.

Most often, though, it means close to nothing, though men find it sexy and alluring.

It also depends on the girl's age and her knowledge of the big, wide world.

It's widely accepted that clothing can convey a message (which may not be intended). For example, formal dress conveys the message that one is at, or is going to or from a formal function (unless one is simply trying on the clothes). That is one reason why failure to wear appropriate dress can cause problems and be interpreted as a lack of respect.

It's also known that teenage girls sometimes dress extremely sexily just because they think it's fashionable and are completely unaware of the misleading messages they convey. This would apply more to outer clothing than to underwear.

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From what I have experienced, women find black underwear sexy, and they know men like it too. Also, but this is not always the case, from my experience, when a woman wears black underwear, they planned that ahead, which means they wanted you to see it, whether it be a bra or panties, they intended for you to see it, whether that means before intercourse, or just whenever. I think it's safe to say if a woman is wearing sexy underwear, and she is showing it to you, she already planned this out. I'm not saying if a woman has on black underwear it means you're going to get laid, but it's not too far fetched to think that that is a possibility. Mind you this is all from personal experience.


WAIT!! ...I think the real question is: how do you know she's wearing black underwear?


it just means she felt like wearing black underwear that day. it's nice to have a variety. But...

We live in a world where clothing often has a symbolic significance and gives off messages and the question is surely about the meaning or symbolism of black lingerie. :)

Hold Up:

First off I am twelve and I own black underwear to have black underwear. I don't think I plan on having sex thank you very much but I just have some so... I am not just gonna throw them out. I find them annoying because you can see them through a lot of things so I don't wear it a lot anyways but when I do... I don't wanna get laid so that is just nonsense.


As we can see, black underwear means different things to different people. If you want to know about the black underwear, ask. I would say that the cut of the underwear, the fabric it is made from and if she is wearing a matching bra say more than the color. I own some very fancy black underwear and I own some really old, comfy cotton black underwear. I wear black underwear if I am wearing black pants or a black dress but I also wear black underwear when I plan to be seen in it. So, I am guessing that the situation, the kind of underwear and the attitude of the girl wearing them will tell you everything you need to know about why that particular girl is wearing that particular pair at that specific time.


OK if you ever saw the movie the 10 things i hate about you it explains it as if you have black undies than that means you want to have it some day but i think it is; is that you just chose a bunch of underwear and bought it in other words it doesn't mean anything


Americans say that some MATURE girls wear it (and show it just a Little) as a hint that they either 'want it' or 'gonna get it'. but otherwise maybe the girl you're talking about JUST FELT LIKE IT, i just 'feel like it all the time!


I don't really know how someone would know you're wearing black underwear, unless it shows under see-through clothing. Yeah, like people have been saying, it is better to wear black underwear when on a period. But other than this, it shouldn't really matter! It doesn't mean anything!


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It may, of course, not be intended to mean anything, but black underwear and bras are generally considered very sexy indeed. The message conveyed is that she is a sexy and daring girl.

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To me it doesn't mean much. But red typically is generalized as a sex color. You might be thinking to hard.

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Nothing, as a lot of men wear their underwear more than several weeks (I mean days!).

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Ok. So if a woman wears black underwear, people traditionally say that it's because they want to get lucky. In some cases it's true. If they're lacy bad boys, you are in and you know she wants to impress you. But that's not always the case, she might just want to wear some black granny pants..

It means she didn't wear a white dress. Black is the color of mystery, and she'll be slow to reveal her secrets to you. Do you have the time and the patience to learn who she is?

She wants to wear black. There si nothing wrong with that.

It usually means they are attracted to the girl.

a cammeltoe is when a girl wears leg-ins or long underwear or just some thing tight, the clothes go inside the vagina a litle and you can see the shape of the vagina it is usually considerd hot

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Nothing, except that they chose to wear black underwear that day. Adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) who have chosen to participate in a Temple ceremony called the "Endowment" are obligated to wear a special white undergarment to remind them of the promises they made with God during the ceremony. If an adult Mormon wears black underwear (or any other sort of underwear except the Temple garment), they probably have not yet participated in this ceremony.

One wears a formal suit with white shirt and black tie.

It means that she is trying to look more attractive.

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