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That means that he likes you

but sometimes he might just like you as a friend but i bet he likes you

ask him out when you see it clearly that he does

or maybe he might even ask you out when you guys are having the friendly drink

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If you wave at a girl and they wave and give a big smile back does she like you?

generally it could mean they like you, or it could mean they are just being friendly it really depends on whats going through her mind. maybe you should talk to her sometime...

What does it mean when a guy gives a girl a flower?

It's a token of his appreciation towards you. It shows that he values you, maybe in more than a friendly way, and wants to give you a special gift that will mean something to the both of you. It could be a friendly gesture, or maybe something more, maybe this is the time to find out.

What does thirst quencher mean?

Something, a drink maybe, that can satisfy your thirst .

What does it mean when the rabbit don't eat and drink?

Maybe because it is not hungry or thirsty!!

Can you drink tea immediately before taking antibiotic?

It depends. If you mean "If I drink Lipton/Maryland Club/Nestea tea..." then the answer is 99% yes. If you mean "If I drink Herbal Tea XYZ..." then the answer is - maybe.

What does a guy really mean when he say maybe you should chill sometime?

It just means that he wants to hang out with you sometime. Dont stress he just thinks you are cool and he wants to get to know you some more

What does tall drink of water mean?

It means you are very tall or handsome or maybe both.

What does 280 friendly mean?

Sure you do not mean 420 friendly?

Did Miley Cyrus kiss Emily osment?

If you mean a real kiss, then no. But maybe a friendly kiss on the cheek as many girls do.

What does it mean if your generating world page in Minecraft crashes?

Maybe your computer is too slow. It also happens sometime when you did not install correctly a mod.

Your neighbor gave you a big smile does this mean he like you?

maybe, he might smile at you because he was being nice. it doesnt mean he likes just that hes friendly.

What does 'mock-friendly' mean?

mock friendly - pretending to be friendly

Are pandas nice or not nice?

yes they can be sometime nice and sometime mean

What does it mean when a dog gets spots?

It means that somewhere in the dogs mom or grandma, grandma one of them had spots or maybe there was a white dog involved sometime.

What does it mean if you see the girl you like have her books near her neck and smiles at you as you pass each other everyday?

She's interested. Or maybe you have something she likes, go find out! Try talking to her or asking her out for a drink sometime and get to know each other more. You never know, something might happen..

What does 240 friendly mean?

crystal meth friendly

Are dwarf hamsters mean?

no, dwarf hamsters are not usually mean. I have one named Pepper and she is very friendly. Just hold it every day maybe with a glove on so it gets used to you.

What does it mean when you look inside glass of water when you drink it?

i dont know what that means. maybe it means you have some kind of disorder.

What does it mean when a guy hugs a girl in front of you?

It could mean he is trying to make you jealous. Or maybe he just happens to like this girl. Or maybe she is an old friend that he has not seen in a while and he is just giving her a friendly greeting. It could also be that is is just a hugger and does that a lot.

What does it mean when a guy shares a drink?

When a guy shares a drink, maybe he:recognizes you both are thirstydoesn't know how to say noperhaps he likes youYou cannot base a conclusion on one action.

What words mean the same as friendly?

kind or sweet could probably mean the same thing as friendly

What does it mean if a deacon of your church tickles your ear as he passes you on the way to the front of the church?

It might mean he is fond of you and is showing you friendly attention.What is not implied in this answer, or maybe it is, is that we are not the deacon and only he knows.Go ask him.

How friendly is Ashley Tisdale?

she is super friendly. she is so nice NOT MEAN

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