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It means two things. What he intended for it to mean was that he wanted you to move around more instead of just lay there and let him do everything. But he should have told you this at the time. So what it really means is, like 90% of the people who post questions on here, you and him aren't communicating openly enough. He should feel comfortable telling you at the time what he wanted you to do, and then you could have either done it, or told him why not. So really the issue is you're relationship, not how good you are in bed.

-DJ Craig

AnswerWhy don't you ask the guy who said it to you? AnswerIT sounds to me he was complaining about how you performed. Well just give it back to him. Let him know he wasnt that great, not that long, not that wide, and sure couldn't go as long as how you are use too. Put him in his place!

He should have been excited that you even considered being with him.

Guys just don't think at times. They say things without thinking what they are saying. A lot of fights and agruements would not have happened had they thought first before talking!!!!

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Q: What does it mean if a guy says to you that you were like a lamb in bed?
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