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There are a wide variety of causes of stomach cramps and bloody stool in a male. Anything from an ulcer, cyst, hemorrhoids, inflammation, cancer, etc. All possibilities need to be investigated by a physician as soon as possible.

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What does it mean when a girl gets cramps below her stomach?

Could be period cramps pms or something

What are some symptoms of peptic ulcer?

The main symptom of peptic ulcer are a burning sensation around the stomach area, which gets worse when the stomach is empty and sometimes gets less worse when the patient has just eaten. Other symptoms might be nausea and vomiting, the vomiting of (red to black) blood, blood in stool or stool which is black or tarry, appetite changes and sudden loss of weight.

What do I do about my dog's tarry black stool?

A vet visit is in order. Tarry black stool is a sign of blood being digested. In short, your dog is bleeding internally, probably in the stomach, and needs to be taken to the vet as soon as possible.I hope he gets well soon.

What causes finger cramps?

i thinks what causes cramps in your body is that your nerves or something gets blocked and blood can't flow. but that is just what i think, i may not be right

Does the stomach gets more blood during exercise?

No, the stomach and intestines get LESS blood during exercise. The blood is needed in the muscles being used and is shunted there instead of digestive organs

What does it mean when a girl gets a cramp?

Everyone gets cramps. Girls get cramps in their ovaries when they're menstruating.

Does your period give you stomach pains?

Yes, it can. I have stomach pains from my period. I think it gets worse after heavy blood. life sucks

Ohhh your belly hurts is it gas what do you do?

Everyone gets stomach aches, they're normal. you could have gas, you could have cramps, you could be all depends.

When a child gets a nosebleed is it normal for them to be coughing up blood?

Yes if the child has swallowed blood they will throw it back up because blood is an irritant to the stomach

How to get rid of menstrual cramps?

Do a lot of exercises :) It helps. Don't just sit around. The reason why us women gets cramps is because the muscles "contract" to push blood. If you really can't stand the pain. Go see a doctor.

How do many animal cells get the energy they need?

An animal gets energy from the food it eats, especially carbohydrates and proteins. This food is broken down in the stomach and the nutrients are absorbed through the stomach wall into the blood stream and blood cells.

Why would blood stained mucus be discharged from the anus without stool?

Posiibly an irritated internal hemmorhoid . If it happens again or gets worse, please go to the doctor.

Blood tests would no?

Blood tests would not show this, stool tests may help. If he was contaminated he would be sick continuously, not off and on, so I don't think he is contaminated , it could be that he gets recurrent infections from contamination of what he heats or contamination of things he touches, which would make exposing of the waste properly very important. If it occurs again he can have a blood test called a complete blood count, and blood culture, as well as a stool test

Contractions in childbirth?

they hurt like hell excuse my language there but that's the only way i can describe it your stomach gets really hard and releases it worse than menstrual cramps and it continues and gets harder ans faster as you progress i defiently believe in the epidural

What happens to the material that is not absorbed?

Absorbtion takes place in the stomach and intestines. Much of absorption takes place in the small intestines. When materials in the body are not absorbed the body gets rid of them. They are excreted as sweat, urine and stool.

Why do people get drunk so easily with an empty stomach?

Alcohol is absorbed by food. If there is no food in your stomach there is nothing to absorb the alcohol which means it flows into your blood and liver quicker which gets your druck faster

What is the place called where water enters the blood?

Water that you drink, like all nutrients, enters the blood in the digestive tract. Water is different for example from proteins and fats in that it gets absorbed throughout the digestive tract and not only in a particular part such as the stomach or a part of the intestines. The major site of water readsorption from the intestines however is the large intestine (colon). Here, the removal of water and uptake into the blood contributes towards drying and concentrating the stool.

What happens when a girl gets her period?

When a girl gets her period, blood comes from her vagina and she gets a bloated uterus, plus terrible cramps. When girls get their period, she must wear a tampon, or a pad. A pad is a liner that you put in your underwear. A tampon is something that a girl puts into her vagina.

Is there scent to a tampon the gets rid of cramps?

No, and this question makes no sense.Menstrual cramps are a result of hormone-like chemicals that cause the uterus to contract in order to shed uterine lining during menstruation, if these are too high in number they cause the blood vessels in the uterus to contract and reduce blood flow so cutting off oxygen to muscle.Tampons can't get rid of menstrual cramps, if anything tampons can make menstrual cramps worse by expanding into the cervix which is already sensitive due to menstruation. Certainly scent has nothing to do with menstrual cramps and scented tampons pose a health risk.

When you get satbed why does blood come out of your mouth?

When a person gets stabbed, blood can come out of the mouth because blood has leaked into areas like the esophagus, lungs, or stomach. A large amount of blood in these areas that the body cannot process, has to go somewhere.

What part of your stomach gets hard first in pregnancy?

the bottom of stomach

What happens to the food that you eat when it gets to your stomach?

When the food you eat gets to your stomach itdissolves in your stomach acid. Your body absorbs the nutrients and other important things, then it comes out as waste.

Does food gets absorbed in the stomach?


Why would a period start with pink spotting then brown spotting then light red with light cramps?

Because it gets heavier and then the cramps mean you are in puburty

What happens to food as it gets into your stomach?

it gets digested and turns in to waste