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your not getting enough blood to your penis you need to stop for abit and use the hand you may have lost interest because you have been having sex for too long or you may have lost interest with the one you are having sex with you maybe interested in someone else you maybe guilty

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Q: What does it mean if a man loses his erection during sex?
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How long can a man hold his erection?

Until after he either ejaculates or loses interest.

Can a man get an erection from freak dancing?

Yes, it's possible for a man to get an erection during a sensuous dance of any sort. Just don't turn any corners.

Can a man urinate when he has an erection?

Yes, but only a little bit. If you have to pee while you have an erection, you would have to squeeze it out, if you know what I mean

Where is source of a man's hard on?

If you mean an erection of the penis, this due to the fact that blood engorges the penis, means it goes into the penis but prevented from leaving. This causes a temporary erection. This is one reason that men with heart disease or high blood pressure have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. When the man loses the erection, whether through masturbation, sexual intercourse, or cold shower, the blood slowly leaves the penis. An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours or becomes painful is a medical emergency.

How does the penis get in the vagina during sex?

The man gets an erection and places his penis into the woman's vagina during sex. Preferably, his penis would have a condom on it.

Is it weird to lose an erection while trying to penetrate your girlfriend while she is still a virgin?

No, it is not weird that a young man loses an erection when trying to penetrate his girlfriend knowing she is a virgin. It is nervousness and something to take seriously because your girlfriend may not be ready for intercourse at this point in time and if you are trying to be a man then patience is best because neither of you are ready for a sexual relationship.

What if someone told you they wished they had a man like yours what does that mean?

It means that, when they compare their man to your one, their man doesn't compare to yours; theirs 'loses'.

What it feels when a man feels horny?

you get a erection

How do you know when a man is hornry?

He will flirt with you and get an erection.

If a man is castrated can he still have a erection?


Can a man have an erection after prostate removed?

do not know

Can a man get erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy?

Patients do not experience difficulty achieving an erection, maintaining an erection, or ejaculating.

If a man has hard nipples what is wrong?

its a nipple erection

Can a 67 year old man get an erection?


After having surgy for a pre long erection Is there eany surgy to correct this so a man con have a normal erection again?

Nope, Your screwed.. (: Have fun without an erection.. :P

If a man's penis is sticking up what does it mean?

The man is sexually aroused, and is experiencing an erection.An erection means that a man is sexually aroused, and is ready to make babies with a female means your turned on or just plain horny! Hard-ons are natural. The penis is suppose to stick up when your aroused.

Is saltpetre use to stop a man from getting an erection after circumcision?


How often a day can a man have an erection?

any time he wants

How do you make a man have a erection when his on meth?

Good lord, screw the erection and get that guy to rehab! Please tell me this isn't a serious question.

What does piss proud mean?

It is a slang term more commonly known as "morning wood". Morning wood means when a man wakes up with an erection.

What does it mean if a man can only get an erection from direct stimulation of his penis and not from visual or other forms of stimulation?

It does not mean a great deal. Merely that he has more self control than many adolescents.

What are the release dates for The Best Man Loses - 1918?

The Best Man Loses - 1918 was released on: USA: 24 June 1918

How do you help a man who cannot maintain his erection even for 2 minutes?

The first thing to do is find out whether he gets an erection while asleep.

What is a erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction - When man can't get an erection to have sex or can't keep an erection long enough to finish having sex.

Do women consider it to be a compliment if a man gets a public erection in her presence?

NO !