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If it is female, it means she is in heat. If it is male, maybe worms are the culprit.

If it is a male it could be his testicles. They usually just appear all of a sudden when they become sexually mature and can sometimes be huge and could look like a swollen butt.

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Q: What does it mean if a young hamster has a swollen rear end?
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Does the rear of a hamster get bigger when she is pregnant?

It does, but mostly the lower part of the belly gets bigger when the hamster is pregnant.

Your hamster as her period even though you don't own a male hamster?

If your hamster is bleeding from her rear take her to a vet ASAP. Hamsters do not have periods, not many animals do.

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ur hamster i eated it

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Males have a swollen looking area near the rear, where the testes are..

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A male hamster has a large rear end, as this is where it's testicles are located.

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In what way does the rear end look strange? If there are any real concerns it would be best to get a check up if you can.

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Her vagina (right under her rear end) will be swollen and bleeding (THIS IS NORMAL!!). She will be hyper and whine alot.

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