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It could mean that he's interested in you. It could also mean he's a confident guy who likes making eye contact.

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it means he like you or he's into u give it a shot

He must like you, to be staring at you. Either that or he's admiring your eyes, but seriously what guy does that?

It usually means that he is very attracted to you. He doesn't want to look at your eyes for fear that you'll figure out that he likes you.

I can only answer half of this question but if he stops talking and stares into your eyes he is obviously attracted. To find out if he has a girlfriend you would have to approach him and talk to him a bit. He'll either tell you he has a girlfriend (but don't count on it), or you may have to ask.

He's distracted by what the other person is doing/wearing.

It means that he want's to examine your reaction when talking to them. Or maybe he might want to get to know you.

it means she either likes you or or thinks your eyes are pretty

hmm, i wonder what it means...oh, i don't know...maybe that he LIKES U. common sense ppl!

he might like you or hes talking about you

he's flirting with you... or hes lost in your eyes and wants to be with you

When a girl stares at you from the corner of her eyes, she is being flirtatious, and seductive.

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