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He may care about you, but not for you. Sorry he is dumping you. Remember if a man or a woman really like/loves you time is made to let the relationship grow.

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2006-04-05 16:07:15
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Q: What does it mean if he said he really likes and cares about you but can't spend time with you because he's busy and needs a break from boyfriend girlfriend and is there a chance of reconciling?
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Are Sonny and chad boyfriend and girlfriend?

In the special on Sonny with a Chance it mentions that Chad is Sonny's boyfriend

Does Sonny like chad on Sonny With a Chance?

Well i think so i think they will be boyfriend and girlfriend because i watched this youtube vid and they said that chad will be her boyfriend

What do you do if your boyfriend broke up with you?

You'll have to move on if there is no chance at you two reconciling. It may be hard, but if one doesn't want a relationship, then it's something that must be done.

What is the point of having a boyfriend and girlfriend?

The point of having a girlfriend or boyfriend is because life is short. Enjoy it. You need someone you can actually be yourself with. That is the person of your dreams. Take chance with them. Show them what life is about. Enjoy that person, because one day you know they will have to go. Use the time god has given you to take a chance in a realationsip.

Should you email your ex girlfriend to get her back from her new boyfriend?

No, you should not email your ex girlfriend to try and get her back because she has another boyfriend. You had your chance to make the relationship work out with her and since you didn't then it time for both of you to go your separate ways.

What episode in Sonny With a Chance where Sonny and chad have become official boyfriend and girlfriend?

Falling For the Falls

Can a boyfriend broke up his girlfriend on a third chance?

Yes! you can broke up your girlfriend on a third chance is so easy just say this is not working out or you can say I'm braking up with you.

What is loves second chance?

Loves second chance..hmm.. Well, its like making up with your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend again.

What do you do when the girl you like is someone elses girlfriend?

Kill her boyfriend and then take her before she has any chance to react.

How do you know if a girl you are courting will you give you a chance to be your girlfriend even if she still loves her ex boyfriend?

don't do it.

If your boyfriend added his ex girlfriends boyfriend does that mean he is jealous?

That's possible. But there's a chance that he's friend with her boyfriend. If he isn't his friend, there's a possibility that the boyfriend still has feelings for the ex girlfriend and is being nosey about her new relationship

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if you broke up with him and now realize it was the wrong thing to do and he has a girlfriend now but you really need him back because you love him?

To 'err is human' but unfortunately when you make a mistake you pay the price. Your ex boyfriend now has a girlfriend and it does not matter how badly you want him back he now how has a girlfriend. The only option you have left is to see if he and his new girlfriend break up and if they do then you will have your chance to talk to him and let him know you made a terrible mistake.

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