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If it is unprotected sex there are many reasons. If not your vagina may have been agitated by the materials of the condom, or vigorous sex.

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Q: What does it mean if it burns to urinate after sex?
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How do you get sperm out of your penis?

You would masturbate or have sex. If you mean how to remove the semen residue after masturbation or sex, then you would go urinate.

Why do you urinate whenever you think about sex?

That's semen not urine, you will leak it whether you mean to or not.

What happen when you don't urinate?

after sex I feel urinate again and again

What does it mean when it burns to urinate?

It means you have some sort of irritation. It could be a yeast infection. There are over the counter medications you can try.

Should you urinate after sex if you are trying to conceive?

Your chances of conceiving will not be affected if you urinate or not.

Where do men urinate out of?

Men have this thing called a penis. That's what they urinate out of. It is also their sex organ that they ejaculate out of.

Why did he feel he needed to urinate durin sex?

he had to nud

What does it mean when your penis burns after sex?

if you are using latex condoms, it could be due to a latex allergy.

Is it ok for a man to urinate during sex for fun?


Is it possible to urinate while ejaculating during sex for a female?

no it is imposible

Does sex make you fat? is exercise. It burns lots of calories.

How do you prevent urinary tract infections?

To prevent a urinary tract infection, you need to urinate often. Do not hold it in. You should also urinate after you have sex.

When you urinate and it has a little burn an you urinate a little of blood comes out what does that mean?

It means you should see a doctor. It is not normal to urinate blood.

What does a slash mean?

'a slash' is an English term to mean urinate. eg. 'I am going for a slash' = 'I am going to piss/urinate/take a leak etc...

What is wrong when you pregnant and when urinate it burns?

Go leave a sample at the doctors. Might be a urine infection and that is dangerous when pregnant.

Why do men urinate after sex?

It helps clear the urethra of any semen left inside.

Your penis burns after sex?

Could be an infection--get it checked!

What does it mean when you can't urinate?

you probably have an infection

What does it mean if you have a lot of back pain lots of blood in your urine and It burns when you constintally have to urinate?

Could be a kidney infection. Also some venereal diseases have similar symptoms. Hope you have a health care plan.

What does it mean when after sex your vagina is sore and itchys and burns and when you go pee it burns and dark brown stuff comes out?

It most likely means you have an STD, you might want to go to the doctors, to get that looked at more closely.

Does it mean im preg if you pee and you bleed a little?

Blood in the urine is not a sign of pregnancy. It can be from a UTI, or from a small tear or cut during sex. Sometimes when JUST beginning a period, a drop or two of vaginal blood will fall into the toilet when you urinate. If it is your period, it will begin flowing more within 24 hours. If it is a UTI, you will have more urinary symptoms. If it is a genital tear or cut, it usually stings and burns within 24 hours after sex.

What to do when you urinate and burns?

for guy just wash penis head with cool water and for girl wash vagina by inserting fingre

Why does a guy get an erection when he has to urinate?

As sex and urination is to do with the same body part, a desire to urinate can be mistaken for a sexual desire. It doesn't occur so much in older men, though.

Why do you get an erection when you have to urinate?

Erection happens at the time of thinking about sex & related things. When you need to urinate you need to think about your penis . Sometimes need to touch the penis. That's the reason

Is it normal for a male to have to urinate badly after sex?

Also, can help prevent prostate cancer as the previous author mentioned, due to cleaning the urethra. Yes, it is your body's natural reaction, and it's purpose is to clean the urethra after sex. Perfectly normal! Plus, during sex you are repeatedly pushing against your bladder...Another reason to have to urinate right after sex. It's perfectly normal.