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What does it mean if it has been three years since you had your last child but your breasts are still leaking white creamy milk and a pregnancy test was negative?

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2013-03-13 21:17:16
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It means it's time to make an appointment with a gynocologist to have that checked. Nipple discharge can be an indicator of any number of ailments...from blocked ducts or an infection of some kind...all the way to cancer.


For my mother it was a sign that her thyroid had stopped working. I would see your doctor and get checked out. It might be nothing much but it might be a big deal.


You may have a glandular problem called hyperprolactinemia where the same hormone that makes you have milk when breastfeeding gets out of control, it is not uncommon.

You really need to see a doctor.


I'd suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible because this isn't a good sign. It's a very bad sign that could possibly lead to breast cancer.

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