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Sometimes when the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on, depending on the problem the computer will go into "Limp Mode" which are factory settings for different sensors. This also changes your shift settings. Limp Mode will allow the vehicle to continue on its way but will run bad enough to make you get it fixed. The trouble codes should be stored. When retrieved may lead you to the main problem. When problem is fixed clear all trouble codes. ______________________________________________________ Update 7/7/08: I'd also suggest getting your transmission looked at. Sometimes when the "Service Engine Soon" light comes on and you feel a difference in how the transmission is shifting it can mean that the computer is detecting slippage in the tranny. It will then crank up oil pressure in response to this. In doing so, the engine can sometimes shift "hard" (thats how my wife described it) which can cause problems in your transmission such as breaking the shell around the gears. If you do get it checked & cleared make sure you right down the codes in case you go you have to get work done later. An experienced mechanic will know if what he is fixing is the problem or the symptom based on error codes. If you don't you could end up fixing the same thing twice.

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Why is a 94 Saturn sluggish while shifting?

Emergency or service brakes binding?

Where is the fuel pump in a 96 suburban?

It is in the gas tank. have to remove tank to service it.

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Service engine soon light is on in your 1999 gmc suburban?

You need to have it checked for codes to know what the cause of the code is.

How do you reset service engine light on 1994 suburban?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and hae codes cleared

Where is a fuel sending unit located on a 1999 Chevy suburban?

It is inside of the fuel tank. You will have to remove the tank to service it.

Where is the fuel pump in a suburban 2002?

It is inside of the fuel tank. You must remove the tank to service the fuel pump.

How do you get a stuck CD out of the 2004 Chevy Suburban?

I had this happen on my 2004 Suburban and the only way the dealer could solve it was to replace the entire stereo and CD unit. They told me that they have seen this happen on many suburbans. The service manager even gave me a copy of the service alert that GM sent out to dealers about the issue.

1990 Chevy suburban fuel pump location?

It is inside of the fuel tank. You will need to remove the gas tank to service it.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1998 Suburban?

It is inside of the fuel tank. You will have to remove the gas tank to service the fuel pump.

Why does service 4wd message come on Chevrolet suburban?

The 4wd message in a Chevy Suburban is most commonly caused by the encoder motor or the selector switch failing. The transmission computer codes should be run to see if an indicated.

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2001 L200 security light comes on intermittently when driving When the car is stopped and restarted the security light turns off It is not flashing What is causing this to happen?

It is the body control module It always starts out sparadic then you will get a service engine soon light and a service light !!

What causes delayed shifting when trans is cold?

Delayed shifting is because the transmission fluid is not warm enough to move through the internals of the transmission. You may need a transmission service,,,,,fluid change, new filter, etc. Transmission Fluid degrades with age.

Can a damage engine mount cause a auto transmission to to jerk when shifting?

It definitely is a possible cause of it jerking, if it's not an engine mount, service the transmission

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