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Q: What does it mean if the leafs on an African violet are bright?
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What is the young of the African violet?

Young plants are called plantlets. You can cut a leaf with a 1 1/2 in stem left on and plant it in some African violet soil. In six weeks you will have tiny plantlets.I mean: The young of the African Violet grows from the parent's ______________. please answer this question !

What colour does this mean in french violet?

it means violet

What does it mean if the leaves of an African violet turn yellow?

it means that your using tap water and its bad for ur plant use distilled water

What is the meaning of bright?

bright mean shining

What does bright mean?

- as an adverb - in a bright manner

What does Murasaki mean?

it means violet!

What does violette mean in french?

it can be a name (Violet) or a color (violet) that is like a bluish purple, or the flower named viola or violet.

What does it mean when you say someone is bright?

When we say that someone is "bright" we mean that he or she is smart or intelligent.

What doesDawn-bright lawn mean?

Dawn-bright lawn = To be bright during daylight

What is 'African violet' in French?

'Violette africaine' or 'Violette du Cap' may be French equivalents of 'African violet'.The feminine noun 'violette' means 'violet'. Its singular definite article is 'la' ['the'], and its singular indefinite 'une' ['a, one']. The feminine adjective 'africaine' means 'African'. The word 'du' combines the preposition 'de' and the masculine definite article 'le' to mean 'of, from the'. The masculine noun 'Cap'means 'Cape'.They respectively are pronounced 'vyoh-leh-tah-free-kehn' and 'vyoh-leht dyoo kah'.

What does violet mean on a mood necklace?


Do Violet and Guigley kiss?

YOu mean Quigley? no!

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