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The rabbit may be dominating the other rabbit to show that they are the boss. Rabbits usually have about six nipples but it depends on the breed.

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What is the term of a female and male rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck and a female rabbit is a doe.

What is the name of the male and the female rabbit?

A male rabbit is a buck, female rabbit is a doe.

Who is female rabbit or male rabbit?

Female DoeMale Buck

What is the name of female and male rabbit?

A female rabbit is a 'doe', and a male is a 'buck'.

Do you have to take a male rabbit out of the cage when the female is going to have babies?

yes you do or the male will kill the babys

How do you make a male rabbit lick a female rabbit?

you can't make a male lick the female unless the male likes the female.

Can you let the male rabbit and female rabbit out if one is already pregnante?

can you let the male rabbit and female rabbit out if one is alrady pregnate

What does a male rabbit do when female rabbit pregnant?

Well, the male doesn't really do anything. The male just protects the female. It depends how close the male and female is.

Can you reintroduce a female rabbit to a male rabbit?


Do you have to separate the male rabbit for the female and her babies?

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

A male rabbit is called a hare what is a female rabbit?

A male rabbit is NOT a hare. A hare is another species of animal. Male rabbits are bucks and female rabbits are does.

What is the name of a male and female rabbit?

A male rabbit is called a buck as well as a deer, a female is a doe.

What is a male doe rabbit called?

A doe is a female rabbit. No such thing a s a male female. Male rabbits are called bucks.

What are the male and female rabbits called?

The female rabbit like the female deer is called a doe and the male rabbit is called a buck like the male deer. Happy?

Will a male rabbit left in the cage with a female rabbit after giving birth kill the kits when they are born?

You must separate the male from the female rabbit. Generally a male rabbit won't kill his offspring. But once the deed has been done, in the wild the male rabbit will usually leave the female and leave her to do her thing.

How does a male and a female rabbit breed?

the same way that cats or dogs breed, the male gets up on the female rabbit

How can you tell when a male rabbit needs to be with a female rabbit?

A male does not always need a mate Male rabbits, like other animals, are triggered by the female scent. If a male rabbit never smells a female rabbit, he will never know he is missing anything. If a male rabbit smells a female rabbit, he will always need to be with her. It is his job to make a lot of baby rabbits. If you don't intend to breed the male rabbit, it is best to have him neutered. He will be a happier rabbit and more docile. He will also only think about you and his food.

What is a young female and male rabbit called?

Male is a Buck Female is a Doe

How does a rabbit develop?

the male rabbit huggs the female and about a month the female will have some babys

Why does a male rabbit go in a female rabbits hole?

normally if a buck( male rabbit) goes into a does (female rabbit) hole it is most likely trying to mate with it.

If a female rabbit mates with a male rabbit will the female get pregnant?

It depends if the female is going through her 'menstrual' cycle at the time of mating. Also if either the male or female is spayed it is unlikely the female is pregnant. A female rabbit is basically 'in season' all the time. As far as a menstrual cycle goes, I don't know where you got that term. It is not a rabbit term. Sometimes breeding with the moon is your best bet for large litters.

What is a buck on a rabbit?

A buck is the male rabbit. Doe is the female

Do male rabbit need a female rabbit to mate?


Will a female rabbit get pregnant without a male rabbit?


Were does a female rabbit live?

Same place as a male rabbit

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