What does it mean if the person you have been seeing for two years has kept the relationship a complete secret from family friends and everyone?

he's either married, seeing someone else or just not into the relationship and not taking it seriously (sorry). move one. you deserve better. this is happening to me right now actually. my bf and i are comming up on 2 years and noone in his family knows. I dont' think its because hes with someone else or he isn't taking us seriously. I think its because hes wating for the right time. that time being when all of our pawns are in place and we're able to move in together and get married. his mom would pretty much destroy anything we had together right now because hes still living with them. so don't fret, because unless you're seeing signs of another person in their love life, its probably easily explained. try asking him. Answer I think it depends on their age. Teenagers don't telleveryone stuff about themselves. If he is older then he is either ashamed of you, he's using you as a booty call or you don't mean as much as you think. ASK HIM STRAIGHT OUT what his problem is. After a month or so, everyone should know.