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What does it mean if the very corner right side of a dog's nose is chapped and cracked but the rest of the nose is damp and normal?

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2008-01-05 21:51:15

It's wise to see your vet. Your dog could have something blocked

in his nose, to allergies. Dogs can also get Rhinitis. Don't

second-guess this and see that vet. Spam wrote:This sounds to me

like a possible burn. I would consult with a holistic vet or

naturopath. If it's determined that it's just a bit of dry skin

(possibly due to whether, or even plastic bowls - it's best to use

stainless steel) a good natural moisturizing wax can be used. I use

a product called "Dog-ma's Own" - and yeah... you guessed it. It's

part of the product line I make and sell. Feel free to drop by my

website ( and email me if that's what your vet thinks

the problem is.

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