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It could mean that money is owed on the car and you could lose it if the person defaults. Or it could mean that there is a mistake and the lienholders neglected to discharge the lien. Whatever the case is, don't buy a car that has any liens on it. If you already bought it, contact the lienholder to see if the lien can be discharged.

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Q: What does it mean if there are two liens on the title of a car you buy?
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How to check if car has a lien on it?

Look at the title. Liens are listed on the title.

Can I trade in my car in another state?

Yes, if you have a clear title with no liens on it.

Your friend is selling you a car he bought from someone but he still ows them money and they wont give him the title unless he pays them what should you do?

It is not his car to sell legally unless the title is in his name with no liens. If you want to buy the car, you need to reach an agreement with the titleholder.

Can a car have a clear title with a lien on it as well.?

No! "clear" means clear! No liens!

Can a car title have two liens financial company and bank?

Yes it can. I have done it.

Car purchase seller has no title?

Then seller doesn't own the car. Don't buy a car without a title. The title is the only thing that proves ownership. ---- If the seller has no title, the car might be stolen. DO NOT buy the car.

You have the title to your car however you are still paying the notes if you are late on a payment can the creditor repossess the car?

if the creditor's name is nowhere on the title,only your name,no one else. no liens. No one can legally take your car.

What are the requirements for car title transfers in Maryland?

You can take care of car title transfers in Maryland a your locl DMV. The vehicle title mut be free of liens,nd both parties,both buyer nd seller must sign the title.

Does a clear car title mean not making payments on the car?

It means that when you go to buy the car from the seller that you can directly get the title from them, you don't have to wait until they mail it to you, after getting it back from the bank if they had a loan on it.

If you are to buy a car that has no title what is the process you must go through so you can legally drive it?

if you are to buy a car with no title don't buy it because there are going to be more problems than the car is worth.

What does a surrendered car title mean?

what does surrendered title mean on my registration?

How old do you have to be to buy a car in Massachusetts?

You have to be 16 to buy a car in Massachusetts. You will need to title and insure the car in your name.

If you have the car title do you own the car?

Not unless your name is on the title. Possession of the title does not mean you own the vehicle.

If the primary owner of a car owns the car and dies and is married who owns the car?

It depends on what you mean by "Primary" owner. If you mean that two people signed together to buy a car, if one dies, the other takes possession, period. If it has no liens, cosignors, etc., on it, and the will doesn't specify differently, then it, as well as any other property bought during the marriage in the deceased person's name belongs to the spouse, as they are considered one entity under the law. However, if the title of the car is in a name other than the deceased or their spouse, the car would go to the person whose name is on the title.

Is their of statute of limitations on car liens in florida?

These are typically based on paper and the lien placed against the title. Once in place, they do not expire.

Can one title loan company find out if you already have a title loan?

Yes, they would obviously know about it. When a title loan company offers you a title loan, it will check the car title well in advance. When it checks the title, it will easily come to know about any liens.

If two years after a car was bought the buyer still has not received the title and they have no way to contact the seller how do they get a title?

Send all of the vehicle details to the Licensing Authority along with your details and tell them to register the vehicle to you. If there are any problems with the vehicle registration they will let you know. Wow, you paid for a car and never got a title?! You NEVER pay for a car without receiving the title and further, you should do a title check BEFORE a purchase to make sure there's no liens on it! How did you register the car without a title? Did you register the car? How do you know the person who sold you the car was actually the owner? It could have been stolen, in which case the authorities will take the car if you ever do an inquiry. Now if you mean that the state never mailed you the title to the car after you applied then you just contact your DMV but I doubt that's what you mean...

What do you need to get from the person that you buy the car from besides the car?

In addition to the car, you should get a signed, notarized title. The title demonstrates that ownership of the car was transferred to you.

Can a car get reposessed if the previous owner owes finance on it?

Yes. Prior liens must be paid off before you take title to the vehicle.

Are you entitled to pay for a car if it is a lemon and the dealership does not have the title?

I would not buy or pay for a car form anyone who did not have title to the car. The car may have been stolen.

How do you get someones name off the title of the car?

Buy it from them.

Can a title company repossess your car if there is another lien for a larger amount against the vehicle?

there are PRIMARY liens and SECONDARY liens. Like first come-first served, goes by DATE of lien. READ YOUR CONTRACT. You were NOT as slick as you thot you were.

What does suffix mean on a NJ car title?

On a New Jersey title, the 'Z' suffix indicates that the car was once title out-of-state.

What can you do if you bought a car at auction and got a title from the DMV with no liens then 2 months later a bank says they havea lien?

well if you have a clean title with no lien on it, then i say sell the car with that title there should be no problem what so ever. i need to know what happens if i sell a car with a lien on the title (auction car) but the lien does not pertain to me, can the car be successfully transferred to another person ? or what do i have to do to remove this lien ? email me -

What does it mean to buy a used car with a lien reported on the title in 2001 and since that has had two titles in 2004 and 2007?

Does the newest title show lien? If not probably satisfied previously