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In a simplified answer, HE IS A PLAYER! However, if you want to test it out start doing the same thing to other boys. See if he acts differently and gets jealous. Good luck :)


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Because other girls are more beautiful then you.

Well if he stares at alot of other girls than he doesent like anyone particular but if he just stares at a couple gies like 3at the most than he only likes those girls

deal with it, guys stare at other girls more than girls stare at guys

There just looking into the other person with love not thinking at all.

he is noticing something about them, could be good or bad. not necisarrily cheating

No. They are both girls.

No he doesn't. He's dating other girls and he moved on.

Chances are if he is dating around with other girls his interest in you has diminished, he has moved on and so should you.

because girls like people who understand them. sometimes that means other girls just don't make fun of them it's their feelings

he wants your body ANSWER Yeahh that's probably true, he could be interested in you but nothing serious.

if you like the girl that your dating, then keep dating her and forget about the other girl. if your not sure if you still like her, then break up with her, but there are no guarantees you'll get the other girl.

if he wants you while he's dating his girlfriend, he is pretty likely to want other girls if he were dating you as well

They like to think they are strong and like to impress girls maybe... but this has nothing to do with dating Perhaps it has to do with improving their muscles and practice by attacking each other? This is also sometimes fun.

to hump each other in the ear.

Girls enjoy hurting other girls, sometimes to get even or to get revenge. Some just do it for the heck of it. And there are soem girls who are upset with their own lives and decide to take it out on everyone else.

It means he either thinks of you as just a friend, and doesn't think anything of talking to you more or less than other girls, or he just has other friends who happen to be female that he wants to talk to sometimes.

He probably likes you. He thinks you're pretty and stares at you. He wants to hear your clear voice and says hi to you OR wants to get your attention. ^^

Depends. Are you dating other guys, and is he dating other girls? If you are'nt and he is, maybe he just wants one thing. Maybe not though. Ask a female friend of his, not a male.

first u have to kind of slick talk to the girls he had flirted with and then ask his friends(mostly his best friend) who he likes .then lie to his best friend and tell him any girl that doenst like him.

Stares means having a fixed looked at something (usually with amazement) with eyes wide open. Gazes is the other word that can be used instead of stares.

Communication is the best solution, and I would suggest to play with your sincerity to find out and you might get it.

Friends and family of the man look down apon the idea of dating down and men are shallow people who care what other people think so they just dont do it. Lately boys haven't had much problem dating younger girls. Watch TV shows and you'll see mostly the boy goes for the younger girl, because they don't like older girls (Which is sexist or wateva u call it)

sometimes among other places lolz

well you say that he hangs around with the other girls because of he goes out with them and is cheating on her and she will sometimes believe you and sometimes not

girls are all depends on what you like. some boys like outgoing, hipper, popular girls while other boys are annoyed by them. some girls go out with everyboy in the school and save nothing for marriage...other girls take dating seriously and are a treasure.

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