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If one of your parents is from, say, Italy and the other is from Ireland, then you are of Italian and Irish descent. It can be said that you are half-Italian and half-Irish. Some people will call themselves part-this and part-that even if both parents were born in the United States.

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If you refer to a person of dual ethnicity, this is a person who likely has a parent from one country and another parent from a different country. In the case given, perhaps the father was from Ireland and the mother was from Italy or they have heritage from these places.

The phrase "half a nationality" makes no sense. Nationality refers to your official citizenship documents. You are either a national of X country or you are not. A person cannot be a "half US-citizen"; he either is a US citizen or he is not a US citizen. Now, a person can have multiple nationalities, but he has each of those nationalities in full. For example a person can have French nationality and Dutch nationality, but he is not half of a French national and half of a Dutch national, he is both.

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Q: What does it mean if you're half a nationality for example half-Irish or half-Italian?
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