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If your period is due in 2-3 weeks and you are now bleeding, it could be implantation bleeding (when the fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining). This doesn't happen to everyone, but it would happen about 2 weeks before your period is due. This is usually just spotting and not heavy like a period. It also should not last long. You'll have to wait about 2 weeks to take a urine preg. test or a doctor could do a blood test in a few days to see if you're preg.

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Q: What does it mean if you're not sure whether you're pregnant but you start to bleed for no reason and your period isn't due for another 2-3 weeks?
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Does tender breast mean your pregnant?

Notat all. tender breasts can be caused by various reasons. One reason is that you're ovulating. Another reason is that you are pre menstrual and about to have your period. The final reason is that you could possibly be pregnant. So get tested!

Can a girl get pregnant if she does not come on her period?

If you have never had a period in your life, you cannot get pregnant. Yes you can get pregnant even if you have not ever had a period. The reason is it could be the first time you have ovulated and then your first period would have come.

Is it still possible to be pregnant if you came on your period a week early and just feel pregnant?

It´s always possible to get pregnant, but if you just got your period, there´s really no reason to believe that you are pregnant.

What does it mean if your breasts are very sore after your period?

i dont know....are you pregnant maybe? No bc if she waz pregnant she would not have had her period bc if she waz pregnant they would b no reason to get rid of the egg.

Can you do a Urine test while you are having period?

There is no reason why you can not do a urine test while you are on your period, but the issue is there should be no reason for you to need to do a urine test if you are having a period. If you are having a period, it is highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.

You are 7 days late for your period but you took a test and it said negative Could you be pregnant?

You could be. Wait another 2 weeks, then take another test. If the result is still negative, wait to see if you miss your next period. If you do, go and see your doctor. If not, you're not pregnant. Sometimes periods are missed for no apparent reason

If you have your period light and a week earlier and not clots is that a sign you're pregnant?

It could be a sign you're pregnant or it could be a unusually light period for no physical reason. Do a test in a week.

What if your period comes on and you is pregnant but you did'nt know you was pregnant what will happen?

Firstly I will say: I'm a guy but I will try to reassure you with the knowledge i know. if a female is pregnant she will not have here period (from what I know) and i have never heard of a case were a female would have her period when she is pregnant, the reason for this is because it is a common sign to check if you are pregnant. so my answer for you would be : that wouldn't happen

If your period has been absent for a few months although you are not pregnant is it possible to still get pregnant at this time?

It depends if you are married and how old you are. If you are young then your period might not still be regulated and maybe that's what's happening. Or if you have been stressed or lateley upset or something related to that maybe that's another reason.

What does it mean when your period is 3 days late what does it mean?

Well if you recently had sex you might be pregnant. But sometimes your period is just late for no reason.

What does it mean if you're not sure whether you're pregnant but you start to bleed for no reason and your period isn't due for another 3 weeks and you have really bad cramps?

could be implantation bleeding or just a wierd cycle. test now and again in twoo weeks, and for gods sake see an ob gyn.

Is it likely that I could be pregnant 28 days after intercourse?

Somewhat likely. However if you have had a period within that time, you are not. You will need to wait another month just to see if your period is delayed for whatever reason. A pregnancy test might also tell you.

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