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it is only normal for people that has sinus problems. it is mostly a sinus infection but most people would say a sinus headache so yes its normal As a sufferer of Migrane Headaches for many years, I think it is important to point out that: a) You are a young person and NO MATTER WHAT you should discuss this issue with your parents or caregiver so that they are aware of the problem. Even if the problem turns out to be a basic issue and easily dealt with, it is very important to keep your family/friends aware of health issues just in case. b) headaches, although common, should not be considered "normal", and in some cases could be a symptom of an underlying problem that needs prompt medical attention. I began suffering from Migrane Headaches at an early age. I remember having my first one around the age of 7! My Father has Migranes and they are often hereditary. Migranes can last for more than one day. My fathers typically last three whole days and he has to lie in a room that is entirely dark with no noise whatsoever and a cool cloth placed on his forehead. Thankfully mine do not last as long, but I have had one last approximately 50 hours. I experience intense eye pain in conjunction with other symptoms such as extreme nausea, I have had actual vomiting with some of them, a feeling of my equilibrium being "off", (a sensation of dizziness almost, but more like the floor is moving underneath me) noise seems amplified to a million times its normal level, the feeling of pain seems to be centered on one entire side of my head. It is on both sides, but the majority of the agony is on one side. I sometimes experience what is known as an "aura" usually the day before I get the headache. I see spots or things floating past my vision off and on. I also experience the strong smell of garlic all around me! Weird, yes. There are different types of headaches and they are each characterized by their own symptoms. The symptoms that I have are typical of Migranes. There are stress headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, etc. I would ask you this: Have you had headaches for a long time? Is this new to you? Is this the longest headache you have had? Are you experiencing other symptoms that have you concerned? Try over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen according to directions. (TELL YOUR FOLKS FIRST!) Rest in silence and darkness. Get help from your physician. Good Luck!

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Q: What does it mean if you are 16 and have had a headache for 2 days and your eyes hurt and is it normal?
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Why does your eyes hurt with a headache?

becuase your eyes are connected yo your brain and your brain is in your head, there fore it will effect your eyes.

Why do your eyes hurt when im hungover?

Your eyes hurt because you have a headache. Your body is trying to recoup all of the fluid it lost so basically your body is working overtime.

Where does a headache hurt?

A headache can hurt anywhere in the head region

Is it normal to have bone pain when your period is on?

the pain start before the period 2 days, and all my joints hurt a lot...all my bones...sometimes headache is it normal to have all these symptoms, am 41 years old

When you have a headache why do your eyes start to hurt too?

it could be that your irritated eyes are causing your headaches. do you use glasses at all? trying to focus too hard on something when your eyes can't properly focus can do that you could also have a tension-type headache

Contact lenses hurt?

Contact Lenses don't usally hurt, they only hurt for the first few days, or if your eyes get irritated by them.

What does it mean when you received glasses years ago but stopped wearing them because they annoyed you then you tried wearing them again and it hurt your eyes giving you a headache?

The headache indicates that your eyes have changed since your first prescription and that now you need a new eye examination and prescription glasses .

Can video games hurt your mind?

No. Video games will give you a headache and may ruin your eyes if played for many hours.

When I drink water I get a headache and behind my eyes hurt. why is this and is there anything I can do to prevent it?

Try drinking tepid water - not too hot or too cold. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment, seek the advice of a physician or headache specialist.

Why does your head hurt from 3D Nintendo?

If a person has been playing a video game such as 3D Nintendo for a long period of time, they can get a headache and their head will hurt. This can usually be the result of fatigue in the eyes and neck.

What do you do when your eyes hurt?

my eyes never hurt

Does a tetanus shot hurt?

It does not hurt when the needle is inserted. It only starts to get sore about an hour after you were vaccinated. It will be sore for a few days and your arm will be stiff. That is completely normal. The injection site may be swollen, hard and red and you may experience body aches, headache, fever, nausea and a general feeling of malaise as well. All normal for the first 72 hours.

If you cry the tears don't hurt your eyes but normal water does hurt your eyes why is that?

Because your body produces the tears so it is natural. Water is not dangerous and won't hurt your eyes, but it might sting because if your force anything against your eye, it wi automatically sting a little. When you cry, it is pouring out.

How do you spell head hurt?

A pain in the head is a headache. A severe form is a migraine headache.

You have had a constant headache for 4 days. a temp of 104. eyes hurt to move. and you have been waking up several times at night shivering or really hot. what might you have?

infection from influenza a but you just migth have h1n1 or the swine flu i had it myself and i had those same symthems

I have had a fever for the past five days a constant headache and body aches the base of my head and neck also hurt what's wrong with me?

swine flu

What does it mean when i have terrible migraines that hurt my eyes make me light sensitive and makes me so nauseous i almost throw up?

When you are having terrible migraines that hurt your eyes, make your light sensitive and make you so nauseous that you almost throw up, you might be having a flu, cluster headache, or meningitis.

Is it normal that when your singing you get a headache?

I've been having this exact same problem. I talked with some professional singers, and they said that they had never heard of anything like it. Where is the pain on your head and at what range does it hurt in? Or does it hurt when you just, in genereal, sing?

After getting your lip pierced does it hurt for a few days like after getting your upper ear done?

well i used to have my upper ear and that hurt bad. but i just got my lip and it really didnt hurt all just in the mornings. but it really is normal for it to hurt a few days later.

Why do your eyes hurt when you have a fever?

actually your eyes do not burn when you have a fever but they do hurt when you have a cold or the flu.

What happens in your head when you have a headache?

Blood Vessels HURT!!!!! LOL

Eyes hurt in salt water pools?

Yes. Any salt water would hurt your eyes, if you have your eyes open.

Does cataracts hurt?

Do your eyes hurt when you have caterac

Importance of language?

Without language you would have to talk to one another by means of signs. If you had a headache and you wanted to tell your mother about it, you would have to use signs, such as pointing to your head, your temples, or your eyes. Your mother would not be able to tell at once if you meant you had a headache or your eyes hurt you. By means of language you can tell one another what you see and what you think. Your experiences can be shared with your fellow men.

Do big screens hurt your eyes?

They can cause your eyes to hurt by straining them if you are sitting too close to them.