What does it mean if you asked a woman on a date and she said yes but the next day she canceled on you and then you saw her on MSN?

It could mean nothing at all, but she doesn't have good manners. If she just didn't feel like going out she should have said that perhaps another time would be better. I am sorry to say I don't think she really wants to date you. It appears she doesn't care if she hurts anyone or not and I suggest you move on and don't waste your time on someone like this. Good luck Marcy Could you please leave a little more information under my post so I can try to give you more informative advice? Did she give you a reason or just cancel out on your date? Thanks Marcy I called her the time that she told me too and then i called her back and then she told me on Msn that she cant do anything that tonight but i look at her msn Nickname Julia-->what is everyone up tonight