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Ok I had the same problem, it threw me off completly. It sometimes depends on a lot of things. Like how old are you adn how long ago did you first get your period? Or you could just have a cut. But for safety you should take a pregnancy test to check.

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Q: What does it mean if you bled a little but your period did not come?
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What word mean that someone has bled to death?

'Insanguinated' means bled to death.

What does it mean if you bleed a little and its not in your period and its only in one place?

This has happened to me once. A few days after my period, I bled a little. I think it's just the body cleaning out the extra blood. I wouldn't worry. But, if you had sex, I heard that women spot so you should get that checked. Or you could have also broke your hymen.

What does it mean if during your last period you bled for a little bit and then it would stop and this continued for a full week?

That is spotting if you are sexually active you could be pregnant. YOu may want to take a pregnancy test or see your doc.

What does it mean when you bled a little bit while on depo?

Bleeding on depo provera is a side effect, and has no special meaning.

What does bled mean?

"Bled" is the past tense of the word "bleed", meaning to drain of blood.

If you still come on your period but you feel like little kicks in your stomach and your breast be itching and you feel tired alot and mood swings do that mean you are pregnant?

999 times out of a thousand, if you come on your period you are not pregnant. The 'little kicks' are probably wind caused by hormones as are the itchy breasts.

What does impending period mean?

period is about to come to a complete stop

Can you make your period come down?

What do you mean by come down?

Does it mean your preganent when you come on your period twice?

if you were pregnant you wouldn't have a period

What does it mean when you have symptoms of a period but your period doesn't come?

It means that your period will be here in a few days.

2days late for perios and bled 1 drop of red blood 1 day before period was due what does this mean?

You might be pregnant. Take a test

What does it mean if you had a full period and two weeks later bled for a couple of days and stopped and then started having pregnancy symptoms right after you bled?

It sound like you're pregnant. It could also be from stress. what this on and off bleeding is called spotting and pregnant women spot or like i said before stress can cause an irregular period. hope this helps!

What does it mean if you spotted pink for a few days and then a glob of blood came out and then the next day you bled for a short period of time?

Implantation bleeding, irregular period or UTI. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

What does it mean when you freak out for every little thing?


What mean that period come before its time or after?

It means...

What causes your menstruation to be early for 1 day?

Do you mean you only bled for one day before you were due for your period? If so you may be pregnant and you may be experiencing implantation bleeding!

When you come on your period but you feel little kicks in you lower stomach and feel tired mood swings and stomach is bigger do that mean you are pregnant?

If you come on your period 999 times out of 1000 you are not pregnant. Mood swings are hormonaland the flutterings and bloating are probably a bit of trapped wind/constipation.

If your period is late an you come on the next month are you pregnant?

If by "come on the next month" you mean that you get your period again, then probably not. Best to do a test though.

What does it mean when you spot for a week have a late period followed by a light period?

why my period is come every week and 3to 4 days.

If your stomac hurts does it mean your about to start your period?

The cramp in your stomach is basically an alarm that your period will come up.

What does bled out mean?

If someone "bleeds out" or has "bled out" it means they died because they lost a great amount of blood due to a wound not being closed (or able to be closed).

Does a drought mean little rain or lots of rain?

A drought means little or no rain for an extended period of time.

What does it mean if you are having menstrual cramping but am not on your period?

It could mean that you are ovulating. It could mean that your period will come soon. Or it could indicate that there is a problem in your ovaries, most likely a cyst.

What does it mean when chunks of blood come out your vagina when your on you period?

its totally normal.

What does it mean when you finish your period and 2 days later you are leaking a little bit of brown?

It means you are still getting your period.