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If it is new, any new lump anywhere on your body should be discussed with your doctor.

If it is painful or soft, it could be anything from a tumor to an ingrown hair. If you have been in a car accident and had glass cuts on your head, it is possible to have pieces of glass work it's way back to the surface of the skin even years later.

If it is hard, does not move then you press on it, and feels like part of the skull, it probably is part of the skull. The human skull is made up of several different bones which are rarely perfectly smooth. Where those bones grew together in your childhood can cause irregularities on the surface of the skull, some of which can be felt through the skin.


I have had a lump above my ear for a week. At 1st it was not painful and flesh colour, after a few days it became a little painful and reddish. I went to my GP today and found that it is an impetigo, a benign infection of the skin that is not harmful but can't usually clear on its own and can spread to other parts of the body or to others. The GP has prescribed me an antibiotic cream and he reckons the lump will be gone in 3 days. In any case , get lumps checked out as you can't really get a diagnosis unless an expert looks at it

Hope this helped a bit.

ANSWER: Sometimes, it can mean you have swollen lymph nodes. I do. Don't panic, just talk to your physician.

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Q: What does it mean if you can feel a lump on the right side of your skull above your ear?
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You discovered a hard lump on the back of your skull on the left side it is hard and is right on the bone that you can naturally feel on both sides but the left side has a lump on it no head injury?


What is a lump that don't hurt on the right side of the head right above the ear?

A lump that is painless on the right side of the head above the ear could be a cyst. It could also be more serious, such as melanoma.

Hard lump base of skull?

A hard lump at the base of the skull could be a few things. It is advised to see a doctor and have it tested.

Should you be concerned about a pea sized lump above your right ear?


What is the soft lump above your navel?

What is the soft lump above my navel

What is the painful lump on the right side of neck above collarbone?

Go see your doctor!

What is a hard lump behind your left ear at the bottom?

This is both on the left and right ears These bumps are just bone, a part of your skull

What is a small hard lump on the back of your head?

your skull or a rising

What is a painful bump on the left side of the back of your skull just above your neck?

I will be going to the Doc. I am scared - it could be anything from a cyst to a cancerous lump!

What would a lump above the right side of the jawline just below the ear opening be?


What is a lump the size and shape of a small egg in right side of back just above the waist line?

lump has been diagnosed as a sort tissue cyst

You are 15 And have a lump right above your left testicle what does it mean?

Testicular Cancer. I am an RN nurse. This is how I know.

What would a movable lump just above the jawline be?

I would like to know about this too actually, ive recently developed a sore swolen lump on the same side (right) under my jaw on my neck that's very tender and its made the moving lump above my jaw line really tender. Ive had the lump above my jaw for years and its never bothered me before.

Could a painful lump at the base of the skull be caused by a sinus infection?


Why is it when i touch my chest on my right nipple i feel a lump in the inside?

In such situations seek medical advice as soon as possible.

What is wrong if you have a lump right above your left shoulder blade?

A lump on the shoulder blade could be indicative of many things. It could possibly be from an injury or a cyst. It is best to consult your physician.

Is it normal to have a pea-sized lump at the base of the skull with a tingling feeling and a sore head?


What is this lump on back of neck?

It's your vertebrae! Or part of the spinal cord that connects to your skull......

Is Fluid on your ear associated with right head pain?

not sure i have a little lump just above hair line on right side of head close to my right ear now this morning i have fluid in my right ear4 . no my ear does nt hurt nor does the lump unless i touch it. had a big lump in middle of head couple days ago a was really sore and ozzing .

What is a hard lump on the nose between the eye and nose?

The hard lump is part of the skull. The nose starts off as bone and then the remainder is made of cartilage.

Does a lump feel like a bruise?


What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

Is a Lump at right base of skull with a sore caused by an infection?

no it could be a cyst either and could have been busted while brushing your hair seek medical attention anyway

Can you feel the lump from cancer on your stomach?

NO! like really

What is a small lump on the lower right side of the lower back right above the buttocks?

It could be anything, but the first thing that comes to mind is a tumor. You should get to a doctor and have it checked out.