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What does it mean if you can feel a lump on the right side of your skull above your ear?

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2009-11-22 01:12:57


If it is new, any new lump anywhere on your body should be

discussed with your doctor.

If it is painful or soft, it could be anything from a tumor to

an ingrown hair. If you have been in a car accident and had glass

cuts on your head, it is possible to have pieces of glass work it's

way back to the surface of the skin even years later.

If it is hard, does not move then you press on it, and feels

like part of the skull, it probably is part of the skull. The human

skull is made up of several different bones which are rarely

perfectly smooth. Where those bones grew together in your childhood

can cause irregularities on the surface of the skull, some of which

can be felt through the skin.


I have had a lump above my ear for a week. At 1st it was not

painful and flesh colour, after a few days it became a little

painful and reddish. I went to my GP today and found that it is an

impetigo, a benign infection of the skin that is not harmful but

can't usually clear on its own and can spread to other parts of the

body or to others. The GP has prescribed me an antibiotic cream and

he reckons the lump will be gone in 3 days. In any case , get lumps

checked out as you can't really get a diagnosis unless an expert

looks at it

Hope this helped a bit.

ANSWER: Sometimes, it can mean you have swollen lymph nodes. I

do. Don't panic, just talk to your physician.

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