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What does it mean if you can turn the AC on in a Mercury Sable when the key is not in the ignition?

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AC On Without Key?that means you had possibly or the owner before put a remote start on it and they wired ac into that if that's not the case then someone rewired your ac and put it on an all power source ?
2011-09-14 00:45:31
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Q: What does it mean if you can turn the AC on in a Mercury Sable when the key is not in the ignition?
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Where is the turn signal relay located for a 1989 Mercury Sable?

where is turn signal relay located at 1989 mercury sable

How do you reset the alarm system for a Mercury Sable when alarm is causing the car not to start?

to reset the alarm system for a Mercury Sable when the alarm is causing the car not to start, place the key in the ignition. Turn the key only about halfway and leave it in this spot for 10 minutes before trying to start the car.

Where do you find the horn on a 2001 Mercury Sable?

Push in on the turn signal indicater

How do you turn on fog lights on 2001 Mercury Sable ls?

Turn the headlight switch on and pull it towards you.

How do you remove a ignition switch from a 1963 mercury meteor?

To remove a ignition switch from a 1963 mercury meteor you must turn it off then unscrew it.

Where can you find a replacement knob to turn your lights off and on for a 2000 Mercury Sable?

Dealer Salvage Yard

Why does your Mercury sable die when you turn left?

You need a new psp power sterring pressure switch

How can you tell if the ignition switch is bad on a 95 Mercury Villager?

A bad ignition switch, on your 1995, Mercury Voyager, will cause the vehicle not to start. In most cases a bad ignition will cause the engine not to turn over.

How do you know when the starter on a 1993 Mercury Sable has gone out?

The first clue would be if the car doesn't turn over :)

Why would your 1995 Mercury Sable continue to run even after you turn key to off after changing ignition switch?

Make sure the switch is plugged up correctly, and not up or down just A little,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If correct, you got the wrong switch.

2002 Mercury Sable won't start but will turn over?

Have you checked your pcm relay? (also known as the integrated control unit). I had this to happen to my 94 mercury sable and the problem was with the above mentioned. Hope this helps rclawson North Carolina

Why does my 1993 Mercury Sable turn over but does not start all the time?

it could be the fuel filter is pluged or the fuel pump is out

What does And sable curls or silvered ore with white' mean?

sable means black, the progression of time which causes dark curly hair to turn to grey.

1999 Mercury Sable Headlights wont turn off with engine off?

why do my head lights stay on when shut off after 20 minuets still on

How do you reset a remote from a Ford Explorer to a Mercury Sable?

it depends on what year for the sable. if you have the owners manual it should say.... if it is a newer model you put the key in and turn it on to off 5 times the hit all the buttons on your remote that should program it

Why would the left turn signal on a 2002 Mercury Sable blink at double speed and the rear flasher be out?

This is a common built in feature that is used to tell the vehicle driver that one of the turn signal bulbs is out.

What do you do when you turn the ignition key on to start on a 1984 Mercury Capri 5.0 but it does not stay running when the ignition is brought back to the run position?

replace the balist resister replace the balist resister

How do you get ignition switch to go into cylinder 1995 mecurey sable?

I haven't done one of these is years, but... Did you turn the cylinder to the 'RUN' position?See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you unlock the ignition on a mercury sable if the key won't turn?

Worst Case...If nothing works to get the cylinder to release, you may have to replace the cylinder itself.See "Related Questions" below for detailed instructions, including how to drill out the old one if it won't turn.It's not very hard and you'll save a ton-o-money doing it yourself.AnswerEnsure it is in (Park), wiggle the steering wheel while attempting, or put the door key down and try the ignition...

How do you repair Instrument cluster lights on 2002 Mercury Sable lights do not work except the turn signal lights in cluster are always on?

You Will Have To Take To A Dealer. Best Of Luck

What causes pulsing in the stering of a1992 mercury sable?

Usually aerated fluid if it occurs when you turn the steering. If you're feeling a brake pulsation, look the the brakes for a problem.

Does a 1995 mercury sable come equipped with automatic running lights?

I assume you talking about DRL lighting. No. That year Sable came with an automatic system which turn on all the lights when ambient light dropped and had a delay off timer when the car was switched off.

How to get Mercury Capri to start?

first you push in your clutch and put your key in the ignition. then you turn the key clockwize until your capri springs into life.

How do turn off the chime on a ford escape 2010?

Do you mean the key in ignition chime?

Why does the radio on a 96 sable not turn on if the fuse is good and there is power to the wires tried 2 radios?

If you have only connected the positive and negative wires it will not go. you also have to connect the accessories wire. which is for the ignition.