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Heaven and Hell

What does it mean if you dream about hell?


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Dreams express the thoughts and emotions of the dreamer. This dream seems to express the dreamer's fear of divine punishment as well as feelings of guilt.

... Without more information about the dreams themselves, it is impossible to provide more than general suggestions as to their cause. One obvious possibility is that the dreamer could be deeply religious or regularly subjected to religious authorities who emphasize the threat of Hell and the unworthiness of "sinners." Such doctrines, sermons and instructions are skillfully designed to instill feelings of guilt and fear, which then lead to fearful dreams.

... Another possibility would be that the dreamer has been exposed to popular concepts of Hell through movies, television and graphic novels, without any accompanying information about Divine Grace or any broader religious understanding. Such unbalanced information, like any other horror fiction, could trigger disturbing dreams about Hell.

Answer: Dream is communication between mind and soul. Our consciousness telling mind what we did wrong and wright and sometime what is happening in near future. The dreams are more real than you think, Great example Joseph the dream reader became king of Egypt or Martin Luther King said "I had dream" that means he had spiritual knowledge.