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Well it doesn't mean that you don't love your boyfriend anymore because you still hoping of staying with him for more, you only felt of having an uncomfortable feelings while of being with him that is why you are now in the situation of having triggered by a dilemma on where to put your self certainly, because every woman had the feeling of rights to always have their peace of mind, sexual, and emotional security in which is obviously you never felt with your boyfriend yet....

Maybe the next question you must have to ask is to ask of "What should I have to do Then?".....

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What does it mean when your boyfriend ask if you still love him?

He may be worried you dont like him anymore or asking if you still do

What do you do when your boyfriend thinks you dont care about him anymore?

You give him a proof of your love. Just surprise him.

Is your boyfriend still attracted to you?

i dont know i am a boy your boyfriend is probably attracted to you

What if your ex-boyfriend likes you and you don't like him anymore?

That means he still loves you and wishes you were together and you dont have to still like him because he does just move on and you wont feel guilt its part of life(:

Did Amelia Earhart have a boyfriend in high school?

i dont think anybody knows that sorry, but i would reckon not

Are Phonographs still used?

no they dont use this invention anymore

How do you tell your ex-boyfriend you still love him when he doesn't love you anymore?

well you dont but try to make him love you again and when you get back together say you never stop loving him

Should you still be with this guy that you dont see anymore?

If you don't see him anymore, you should move on but if you love him find him and be with him.

What if he ask if you have boyfriend?

Be honest with him.... If you do, say you have one but still want to be friends... If you dont, then say you dont...

How do you breakup with your boyfriend who is Japanese and lives in Japan and you still want to seek friendship with him?

You state to him exactly what you asked. Sorry but I dont want to be gf/bf anymore and want to remain friends. Simple

Why dont they make popcorn chicken anymore?

They do still make popcorn chicken

Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cirus still going out?

i dont there. not. going. out anymore. they. ARE

How do you break up with a boyfriend if you dont even like him?

Just tell him you don't want to be with him anymore, it's very simple.

What would you do if you have a boyfriend and have been pretty much going out with him for a long time but there is another guys who you are kinda interested in Break up or stay with ur Boyfriend?

Break up -Annonymous- Depends on how much you still like your boyfriend. If you think that you dont like him that way anymore, then take one of those other guys. NEVER CHEAT ON YOUR BOYFRIEND -.- -Yuuki9513-

Why dont they show horrible histories anymore?

they do still show horrible history's on cbbc

I cheating on my boyfriend with his brother what should i do?

If you were or still are cheating on your boyfriend especially with his brother...you are doing him wrong so you need to break up with him... And if you dont feel guilty...you obvioulsy dont have true feelings for your boyfriend anyways...

How do i tell by boyfriend i dont like him anymore?

You need to do it gently! Explain to him why you don't like him anymore, and tell him that you guys are done. The longer you wait, the worse of a person you are, because if he thinks that you like him, you are deceiving him.

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