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On a pregnancy test where you get a positive or a negative sign, the positive (plus sign) indicates pregnancy, while the negative indicates non-pregnant.

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Q: What does it mean if you get a plus sign on a pregnancy test?
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What does plus sign mean on ept pregnancy test?

It means you have a positive pregnancy test.

What does a plus sign mean on a pregnancy test?

IT means your pregnant!

What does the pregnancy test show if it is positive?

A plus sign .

What can affect a pregnancy test result?

what if the plus sign is so light but it does say if plus and a horizontal line mean positive

On a pregnancy test what is positive?

It could be 2 lines or it could show a plus sign. Depends on the pregnancy test you buy. But the box should tell yo what they mean.

Is cramping a sign of pregnancy on the IUD?

No, a positive pregnancy test is the sign of pregnancy on the IUD.

What does a CVS positive pregnancy test result look like?

A plus sign for positive and a minus sign for negative.

Does the pregnancy test need to have a plus sign for a positive response?

yes, if that's the kind of test u bot

Nipples are pink is this a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is not. A pregnancy test with a positive result (signs vary on test) is a sign of pregnancy.

When a negative sign is faded on a pregnancy test what does that mean?

Do the test again!! You maybe did it wrong or not enough pee!!

Is booin a lots could be a sign of pregnancy?

I would not say that crying (if that is what you mean) is a sign of pregnancy. However, if someone is pregnant, they might cry more frequently than someone who is not. The best way to test for pregnancy is using a pregnancy test strip.

Can bacterial vaginosis mean your 3 weeks pregnant?

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test.

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