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It probably just means you were late this month. I am normally a very regular person and I was late two months in a row, for no reason. If you are worried, call your doctor, but if you had a regular flow of blood after the light pink, eveything is probably OK.

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โˆ™ 2004-05-02 10:42:18
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Q: What does it mean if you get your period six days late and it starts out with a light pink color?
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How many days after your period are you most fetile?

14 days before your period starts.

Which day is the first day of menstruation when there is light bleeding for a day then nothing for two days then the full bleeding starts?

The day you first start the light bleeding. Because you don't bleed for 2 days after the light bleeding, then don't count these days as your period. But its still day 1 of your period.

How many days after your period starts will you get your next period?

It depends on different people

You were bleeding for a couple of days then it got lighter and now it comes and goes with sometimes a light red color and sometimes a brownish color does that meant i could be pregnant?

No. This means that your period is just light.

Can you get ovulate on the light days of your period?


If a menstruation period usually starts on a Friday and lasts a couple days but then it starts 5 days earlier and is almost a light pink colour and almost has a mucous in it what could that mean?

you might be pregnant. have home pregnancy test. Good luck

How long can period pains last?

As long as your period is! Sometimes the pain starts a few days before, but usually starts a day before.

What does it mean if your period lasts 2 days stops for 2 days and starts again?


If your period is two days early and its light are you pregnant?

No, because you are having your period.

Is it normal to have a light period for two days?


Light spotting before period?

It's relatively common. It's a form of pms.... if you're tracking your cycle, the day your period starts is the first day of FLOW. A few days of spotting before your period really starts does not count as part of your "proper" period. It's one of the top mistakes women make when they're tracking their period.

Is it best to conceive the day after your period to become pregnant?

no. you release your egg 14 days before your period starts. find out when that is. those days before your period are when you should concive

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