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Well then maybe you need to get busy and try to make that baby. Good Luck.

2006-07-19 19:49:00
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Q: What does it mean if you had your progesterone level checked because your husband and you are trying to conceive and the results say you are in mid-cycle and ovulating?
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Why is it hard to get pregnant with PCOS?

Because PCOS causes irregular periods. If you aren't getting periods that means you aren't ovulating. If you aren't ovulating, you can't conceive.

How do you find out when your ovulating?

One way to know that you are ovulating is by examining your cervical mucus. The closer you are to ovulating, your cervical mucus will change from creamy look and texture to a transparent and sticky one. Another way to know your ovulation is to chart your basal body temperature. if you're ovulating, your body heat level will increase because the level of progesterone in your body rises.

At what age girl can get pregnant?

A girl can become pregnant usually after puberty. This is because of her menstrual cycle. She must be ovulating though in order for her to conceive (become pregnant). Some women can have periods without ovulating so that would be the most important thing is that she ovulates.

Why do you have cramps?

a) Because you are ovulating b) Because you are about to get your period c) Because you are pregnant

Why am i getting period cramp in the middle of my break?

Could be your ovulating? I get it when I'm ovulating I know the signs because we are trying for a baby

Why are your breasts sore and you are ovulating?

Because your milk ducts get bigger.

After a miscarge when is best time to conceive again?

the best time to conceive is NEVER because when you get pregnant, you get AIDS

If you got your period 2months after your last injection does that mean you can conceive?

not nessesceraly because your body goes through whats called false manstrating which can go on for 28 months usaully and you might not be ovulating for up to 2 years on average thats what my gyno/obgyn said

Were you and your husband messed around last night and you were still on your period can you still get pregnant because im starting to get sick of your belly?

You will not conceive during your period. However, if you were to ovulate a few days after your period, there is a chance of pregnancy. Ovulating a few days after your period is very unlikely.

The uterine phase that develops because of a fall in progesterone levels is?

the menses

Is it possible to get pregnant without ovulating?

No. Because you are not releasing eggs yet.

If you conceive 2 days before ovulation would you still ovulate?

I don't think the other answer is correct, sperm lives for up to 5 days inside you and if there is sperm waiting then you have every chance of conceiving. Yes you will still ovulate as you haven't 'conceived' yet, you can't 'conceive' without an egg. Hope this helps I DON'T THINK IT IS POSSIBLE TO CONCEIVE 2 DAYS BEFORE OVULATION BECAUSE OVULATING IS THE RELEASE OF AN EGG FROM THE FALLOPIAN TUBE. IF THE EGG HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED (AS IN BEFORE OVULATION) THERE IS NOTHING FOR THE SPERM TO FERTILIZE.

Does high progesterone levels in the body cause breast cancer?

Not exactly, estrogen-based hormones are usually the culprit, the problem is when progesterone is synthetically introduced say in the form of birth control pills, because it is the natural form of progesterone that can be beneficial as an agent against breast and endrometrial cancers. But synthetic progesterone does not switch on the gene responsible for mitigating harm because it is not recognized the way a natural progesterone is. Thus, using hormone therapy that is medical-based rather than natural forms of progesterone are less effective - try going to a healthstore and asking about Wild Yam and other progesterones that are natural depending upon why you might be interested in using progesterone.

If you are having a brownish spots can you be pregnancy?

Yes, although you could just be ovulating because many women spot when they are ovulating. If you miss your next period, take a test

Pregnancy risk higher with irregular periods?

Yes because you don't know when you're ovulating. But you may also not be ovulating, so it could go either way.

Is progesterone hydrophobic?

yes.. absolutely hydrophobic because it is a derivative from steroid hormone

How do you know if you are still ovulating?

Because it is generally 2 weeks after your last period.

Why do you have so much discarge?

This may be because you are ovulating, are pregnant or have a yeast infection.

Why was hades born?

Because Cronus caused Rhea to conceive him.

Why do you have period symptoms a week after your period is over?

Yes, it could be because you're ovulating.

Why does progesterone increase after ovulation?

The corpus luteum is responsible for producing progesterone each month following ovulation. The corpus luteum develops in the ovary after the egg or secondary follicle is released. Progesterone levels increase after ovulation because the role of progesterone is to help the woman become more fertile. It enables the endometrium (layer of the uterus) to become more suitable for implantation. Progesterone peaks at levels above 10 ng/ml 5-9 days after ovulation. If the egg is not fertilized then the corpus luteum stops producing progesterone and the uterine lining breaks down. If the egg is fertilized then progesterone is produced for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I am taking progesterone capsule vaginally my pregnancy test is positive is it because of progesterone capsule?

No. Pregnancy tests detect the hormone hcg which your body produces when you are pregnant. Progesterone would not be picked up on a pregnancy test. If your test came back positive, you are pregnant. See a doctor to confirm.

Can being underweight cause infertility in women?

When you're underweight, you can stop ovulating because you wouldn't have enough fat in your body to be able to cope with pregnancy. When you're not ovulating, you can't get pregnant. To counteract this, you just need to gain enough weight and eventually you'll start ovulating again.

What should your first period be like while on the pill?

Really light or no period because you are not ovulating

Well you on your period and you have unprotect sex can you get pergnacy?

No, you can not get pregnant because you are not ovulating. 32% it may happen