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it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy


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Dreams are about the dreamer. This dream represents the emotions and perhaps the desires of the dreamer. It provides no information about the guy's emotions or faithfulness.

It means that you had a dream about ur girlfriend

It doesnt mean's just a dream. Or it could mean you really want to have sex.

it means that she is in ursubconscious....

It means that he obuslivly likes you more than he likes his new girlfriend.

Doesn't mean a thing. Trust me.

That's he a cheater and def need to leave him alone. If you were to date him he could do the same exact thing to you.

That depends entirely on how you feel about it...

if crushes kiss you, it is officially said that you are boy/girlfriend.

This dream strongly suggests that the dreamer knows, at some level, that the relationship with this girlfriend is not a lasting one. In real life, the dreamer might be in denial, so the mind creates this dream to nudge the dreamer to face facts.

If you dream that your girlfriend runs off with her ex it is likely that you are feeling vulnerable or unsure about your relationship. Dreaming this can also mean that you do not trust your girlfriend.

he misses you a lot, and want to get back together, or cheat on his gf now and have sex with you Another answer: It means he wants you and his current girlfriend.

it means that your girlfriend is cheating on you haha :D

The interpretation would depend on the emotional tone of the dream. There could be some mild jealousy involved, if the dream is uncomfortable. But it is more likely to illustrate your pride knowing that other men admire your girlfriend.

If you dream about having a girlfriend, it does not necessarily mean that your man is straight; it could be due to your fears of finding out that your man is not straight.

that means when you wake up your girlfriend (if you have one) will dump you for another guy or because her parents found out... LOL IDK :)))

It means that you dreamt that your crush kissed you on the cheek.

it means you are not over him and you should try and get him back. if you can.

It could possibly mean that your relationship with your girlfriend is fading away, leading into losing her.

It more than likely doesn't mean anything; a dream is just a dream. Don't hold your girlfriend accountable for something you dreamed happened.

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