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Hi This could mean several things : * You have a vaginal infection. * Old blood left over from your period was released due to sex. * Implantation bleeding. * You are pregnant. * You have a urinary tract infection. * Birth Control pills are causing the discharge. * Break through bleeding caused by birth control pills, morning after pill or pregnancy. * Hormonal imbalance. * Irregular periods.

2006-08-13 21:39:18
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Q: What does it mean if you have a light brown stretchy discharge five or six days after sex?
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Can you have light bleeding with stretchy brown gunk followed by a few days of brown spotting and not miscarry?

Yes. Many times that happens.

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 months late for your period and you have light brown thick discharge for 5 days then bleed for an hour then have light pink discharge 2 days husband had vasectomy?

take a urine test to be sure

Why is the cause of light brown spotting with clear discharge 3 days before period is supposed to start?

It just sounds like you are ovulating (releasing an egg). Many women get clear discharge and light brown spotting during ovulation

If you had brown discharge for 2 days and now you are bleeding very light what does it mean?

i think you get more food maybe you get that

Is it normal to get brown discharge 4 days before period in virgins?

Yes, it is completely normal to get brown discharge for four days before your period, this is spotting which is just light bleeding as your period starts. A virgin is absolutely no different to a non-virgin.

After how many days will a brown discharge appear if you are pregnant?

There is no fixed time for the discharge.

Period was 3 days late brown discharge light flow no cramping?

My advice is to see a gynecologist or a doctor, because I was always told that discharge is not supposed to be that dark.

Is it normal if you have been spotting very light brown with little discharge for the last 4 days with light cramping but your temps are still high?


Can you be pregnant when your period is 4 days late and when it came on it's light with some brown discharge?

Yes - take a test

Im 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and i have a little discharge it a light brown colour is this normal?

Yes Yes

What does thick white stretchy vaginal discharge mean?

When vaginal discharge becomes thin and stretchy this is also called "egg white cervical mucus" it appears when a woman is most fertile , during ovulation week , this type of cervical discharge aids sperm to swim faster and survive longer in the reproductive system , to produce pregnancy , the stretchy vaginal discharge may come right before or during ovulation , and may last a few days after ovulation .

What does it mean if your period was 10 days early and only lasted 2 days with brown discharge and a light pink discharge afterward and could you be pregnant?

It could possibly be implantation spotting- wait a week and take a test.

Could you be pregnant if you started your period 19 days early with some brown discharge and it lasted 4 days heavy and then very bright red blood for 2 days and then very light pink and some brown?

Not likely.

If you missed your period and spotted 2 days after you spotted dark brown discharge and a day after your period started but it was light can you be pregnant?


You have had brown discharge for a couple of days now It's about 11 days after your period you also have small cramps?

smelly brown discharge is gonnorrhea and you must see a doctor for a prescription.

Is it likely that you are pregnant if your three weeks late and you have a light brown discharge for two days then light pink on and off and have had a negative test?

You may have a STD. Go to the doctor

What does it mean if your discharge is brown?

Your period is a few days away.

Can slightly heavy brown discharge for 3 days be implantation bleeding?

No, implantation bleeding does not last three days. It is light spotting that usually only lasts a few hours.

Period cramps brown gooey discharge but no blood and on the pill?

17 days late for this month's period, light burning and pressure in the lower abdomin, with stickey brownish vaginal discharge. plese help!

3 days late on your period but then had a light period with no cramps ow brown discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be. Take a pregnancy test

Can brown discharge lasting 3 days be your first period?


What is wrong if you have your period for a week and then have a brown discharge?

The brown discharge is most likely old blood. Wait a few days and if it doesn't clear, see your dr.

What does it mean if 3 days after your period you start spotting light pink discharge?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

Is brown slimy discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Brown discharge is usually a indication of blood in the discharge. If you had sex around 8-14 days ago then this could be implantation bleeding. If your due a period in the next few days it could be pre-period discharge. If your itching and the discharge smell it is a yeast infection which you need some fungal cream for.

Are you pregnant if you have a missed period spotted a brown and light pink discharge for two days and feel nausea thoughout the day?

theres a posability..take a test