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Go to the doctor, no-one can make a diagnosis like this.

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Q: What does it mean if you have lumps on your lower back that hurt and your back hurts too when you move a lot?
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Have a flat splotchy rash on lower back and butt does not itch or hurt?

I have a flat splotchy rash on my back and it hurts and itches; it burns also.

What is it if your knees hurt lower back hurts shoulders hurt and neck between shoulder blades hurts?

If it comes and goes you may have Rheumatiod arthritis. check it out with a doctor and get it loked after before it can cause too much damage.

Does giving bone marrow hurt?

yes it hurts alot it feels like streching your lower lip to the back of your haed

If your lower back hurts your breasts hurt a little and your thighs hurt. Could this mean that you're pregnant?

Go to Wal-Greens and buy a pregnancy kit. Otherwise see a doctor.

What are the two lumps on the back of your head that hurt when touched?

external occipital protuberances

What are lumps on the lower back on both sides of the spine which cause back pain and numbness of the left leg and it tends to hurt more after lying flat on your spine?

You need to see a doctor about this as they could be anything.

Does getting a tattoo on your back hurt?

it does hurt and alot i havent expirienced it yet but i do think it hurts

What to do when your sister always hurts you?

you hurt them back or talk to them and tell them to stop

When having a gallbladder attack does it hurt to breathe in?

yes, it does! its like someone is squeezing your stomach, your heart, and back. it hurts to breathe, it hurts to move, it hurts to talk. it just hurts!

What are movable lumps in lower back and not sure if related but an occasional random sharp pain in right buttocks?

It could be back mouse also known as lipoma. I have what feels like several movable lumps just above hip bone. From what I read, don't massage the lumps, as they are lumps of fat full of nerve endings, and will only hurt worse. Massage around them. Also I have fibromyalgia and I think it may be related, so you might want to look into that. Good luck.

Why does your lower side of back hurt after falling down stairs hurts to breath and walk?

probably severe briusing, both internal and external. . . . as for the breathing, possible frature to ribs

Which part of the body would you have hurt if you sprained the muscle at the back of your lower leg?

Lower back

What part of the back hurt when you are pregnant?

Generally lower back

How do you cure a hurt back?

There is a number of ways to cure a hurt back. one is stretching. another is exersize no matter how bad it hurts. but if its in your lower back you may have dislodged or fractured a disk. this could lead to serious nerve damage. either way you should talk to a local doctor.

Hard painless soft tissue lump on collar bone?

i have many lumps that dont hurt when you touch them but my shoulder blades shoulders neck back muscles hurt and are verry tight ,lumps are also on my rib cage, they feel weird

Why does the back of your hand hurt after playing soccer?

The reason the back of your hand hurts after playing soccer is because of the friction.

Does your lower back and lower abdomen hurt during early pregnancy?

mine did

Why does your lower back hurt when pregnant?

You are constantly carrying the baby in your abdomen. So you tilt backward to make the balance. So the vertebral column is bent backward and placed in abnormal position continuously. So your back hurts when pregnant.

Small painful Lump on Lower Back A little above the waist line?

A small painful lump in the dimples at the small of your back is from an injury. It's herniated tissue in the lower back. Fat tissue grows through the holes in the facial layer over time forming fatty lipomas. Some days they may not hurt and some days it hurts to even walk. As the lumps get larger over time it can also cause referred pain in the buttocks and down the leg. Cure: Zango Juice Pain Killers Steroid injections Surgery

What organ can be hurt if you were hit in the lower back?


Can nicoteen gum cause your lower back to hurt?


How do sodas make your back hurt?

Soda doesn't make your back hurt. It makes your liver hurt. It may feel like its our back because your liver is located in that region. The large amounts of artificial sweeteners in soda is what hurts your liver.

Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?

Very often lower back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Your lower back hurt what could this be?

some say that lower back pains are symptoms of pregnancy. try visiting a doctor.

Does spanking hurt?

Of course it hurts. It hurts like hell!

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