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What does it mean if you have several pea-sized sore lumps in each armpit?

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==New Answer Headline== It may also be a condition called hidradenitis, where boils occur in areas with hair such as your groin or your armpit.The lumps are chronic or recurrent and are sore and release pus and blood. In my case it is hormonal and coincides with my cycle. Some months I have them and some months I don't. In any case, do have it checked out. Go to your doctor right now! It could be cancer! Or it maybe sweat that could't come out. Do you wear a lot of deodorant? Please don't freak out over cancer, but, the other posters are correct in saying that any lump should be checked out by your doctor. Deodorants can cause this or you could have blocked sweat glands. Also you could have inflamation of the lymph nodes. This is something only a doctor can tell you, but please don't go in fear, because most of the time it isn't cancer! GET TO YOUR DOCTOR and put your mind at rest!

2006-12-07 21:35:52
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