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What does it mean if you have sugar in your urine?


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2005-04-07 03:55:20
2005-04-07 03:55:20

Most of the time it means that your body is producing to much sugar which can lead or even mean that you have diabetes. Call your doctor and get tested for this.


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If you have sugar in your urine, it is glucose. It is not normal to have sugar in your urine and is usually taken as an indication that you are developing, or already have, diabetes.

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It means you are eating too much sugar.

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Glucosuria and glycosuria are terms for sugar in the urine. Gluco- and Glyco- = sugar -uria= pertaining to urine.

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When a doctor informs you that there is a sugar in your urine, he talking about Glucose.

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There should be no sugar in your urine unless you are an uncontrolled diabetic.

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