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period for more than a month means?

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Q: What does it mean if you have your period for a whole month?
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Is it normal to have a period for a whole month and the next month to not have a period?

No it is not. You should see a doctor and have it checked out.

What does it mean if your on your period for a whole month but you know your not pregnant?

How long is too long for your period to last This link contains much useful information

What if your on your period for a month?

see a doctor if its continual for a whole month. You may have a permanently ruptured womb.

Why you never get your period for a whole month?

Go see a doctor ASAP.

I have had my period for a month and i went to the doctors and they gave me pills but they didn't work i still have my period what should i do?

you are not alone. i have my period 4 whole month and this is the first time i have i period. :S:S I'm confused

If You were 2 weeks late for your period and had a neg pregnancy test and now you went the whole month without your period what does that mean?

If your periods are usually irregular, you should see a doctor for tests.

I came on my period two times in the same month what does that mean?

my period came 2 time in the same month

What does it mean to have a period for over a month?

It means your weird ....

What does an Off and on period mean?

An off and on period is when one month you have it then the next month (s) you don't that's all it means.

Is it bad to have your period last for a month?

well some women can have there period last for several weeks and for a whole month.. so i guess its not bad.. ask your doctor in case.

I ovulate every month but i didn't ovulate this month does that mean im pregnant?

no, did you get your period?

Does through November mean including that whole month?

Yes, it does include the whole of November.

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