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First, it's not your period, it's vaginal bleeding that's a side effect of depo provera . It has no special meaning.


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no. i used to crave the weirdest things months before i had my first period. girls are weird its just who we are

After your first few periods it's normal for the cycle to be irregular. I haven't gotten my period in 7 months...but trust me, if you're definitely not pregnant, and you're still in the first year of having your period, you're perfectly fine.

You can have a period for about three months after you have become pregnant, my mother had her's for about three months while she was pregnant with me.. That was actually the first time she had her menstrual any consecutive months.. Normally she would have her period once maybe twice a year. But when she got pregnant it was the first time she had her period more than once a year.

It's different for everyone.You may bleed immediately after you stop using Depo, although this doesn't mean that it's menstruation - to menstruate you'd have to first ovulate, but you may experience vaginal bleeding as a result of hormonal imbalance while your body returns to normal. It can take up to twelve months for your menstrual cycles to return to normal.

If you have not been on your period for 4 months than it can mean your pregant or if you just started sometimes it can be 4 months because your period is regular and just started.

Because some girls may have an irregular period.. or if your sexually active it could mean yoor pregnant..

If you mean in the first 6 months after pregnancy, then yes: you can become pregnant in this time period. If you are breast-feeding, this will generally prevent pregnancy.

Means That Your Cycle Isent The Same As Everyone Else . You Might Get Your Period In A Couple Months . It Dosen't Mean Your Pregrant If You Haven't Had Sex .

depending on how long you have it. usually after 6 months- a year people get their first period after the start of discharge. but i think if its heavy and all then yes.

Your pregnant or someting is very wrong

It could mean you are four months pregnant, you are going through menopause or you have a bad infection.Either way check with your doctor.

if ur on your period for 5 months that's probably not good. u could have an infection which causes the bleeding and u should see a doctor

The first conclusion, if you have had sexual intercourse in the previous months, is that you are pregnant. But that may not be the only reason for a skipped menses (period). Stress can cause skipping, as can hormonal imbalances and illness. If your period resumes and is normal in the following months, there is generally no cause for concern. But it is always wise to seek the advice of a doctor.

Not always but it's good to get a pregnancy test if you've missed it for 2 months.

the gestation period (length of pregnancy) for humans is nine months, if that's what you mean.

It means the person is on probation for a period of 6 months.

I would seek a doctor. That is a professional question.

The period, you mean? They first appeared during the Devonian Period.

The gestation (not gestination) period of an animal is the time from conception to birth. In humans it's 9 months.

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