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It appears he likes one of you girls. It's a good sign, but the question is ... which one of you is he interested in? If you like him, ask him out because if you don't someone else will. Good luck Marcy

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He might want to see why Ur behind him or he could like u so yeah

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Q: What does it mean if you like a guy and you and your friend were walking behind him and he slowed down so you could walk with him?
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this means that he could like you or he was simply just looking you up and down. Many guys do this and it could be that you were just there for him to look at. x

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. it means that they are making fun of you !!!! it could also mean that they want to talk or just randomly like saying your name. some boys are like that.

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What does that mean if the guy you like trys to get your attention by talking loudly behind you and he and his friend look at you for a long time when you turn around and notice him?

Probably nothing but he could like you!!

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No, but why I agree with Lindalee, maybe there is a deeper physiological problem with your friend? Maybe she feels inadequate, unsure of her self? It would be easy to turn away, but as you know her faults, could you not take them in your stride and prove that you yourself are a true friend!

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This could mean that she is pleasing with seeing you, I wouldn't find this to be much of a meaning honestly, not to mention that this could also mean that she enjoys your chats or something like that.

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