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He is clearly trying to not encourage you here, he doesn't want to hurt you but he doesn't want to be with you. It may be best not to embarress him, if you like him, then don't push him or he will be scared off. I'd say less looking more talking, he may be interested but is shy or doesn't get the hint..Communication is key here. See how he reacts when you two interact.

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2006-03-15 21:56:59
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Q: What does it mean if you look at a guy with a gleam in your eye but he purposely ignores and shuts off from it?
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Is it possible a guy likes you if ignores you?

It depends HOW the guy ignores you. If he ignores you, but looks at you all the time and turns away when you look at him, he definitely likes you. he'll also show off. But if he just ignores you , he probably hasn't even noticed you exist!

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im a guy, its probs cause 1: he likes you, so when you talk to him he's too embarrassed to talk/look 2. he's not interested

What does it mean if a boy ignores you when you look at him and seems to be blushing all the time?

he may like you but is to shy to make eye contact... ...maybe you shold make the first move...?

If a boy compliments you then ignores you does he like you or is he just being nice?

Well i would suppose its all based on the comment if its just causal then he is being nice . If its more of a hey you look nice in that dress you're wearing , then chances are he might like you. Then if he ignores you for more than a day, he isn't interested, but before he was being nice.

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What if you told the boy you like that you love him and he says it back then the next day he ignores you?

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There's this guy I like and he's always staring at me but when I look at him and smile back he just ignores me and looks away why?

If he was with his friends then he would be showing off but don't let a little thing like that bug you

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