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You should dump her! Don't dump her unless she MEANS it. Sometime you flirt and you don't even know it. If she keeps doing it..... well keep your eye on her!

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โˆ™ 2008-10-15 00:20:57
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Q: What does it mean if you saw your girlfriend flirting with another guy and what should you do?
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What does it mean if you have a dream about your girlfriend kisses another guy?

it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy

What does it mean when another girl tries to flirt with the guy you like and when she does he looks at you for a while?

He is waiting for his girlfriend to respond to her flirting.

What does it mean when your girlfriend plays with her hair in front of you?

shes flirting with you

What does it mean when you dream about your girlfriend flirting with your husband?

It may mean you would not be averse to 3some.

How do you know if he likes me if he is flirting with other girls?

If he is flirting with other girls it means he is a player girlfriend! It does not mean he isn't interested in you but it does mean he is interested in others as well. Don't fixate on just him... if he is keeping his options open, you should too!

What does it mean when a boy is flirting with you but has a girlfriend?

It means hes a player, more or less.

My friend's older stepbrother has a girlfriend but all night he was sitting really close to me and was somewhat flirting with me what does that mean and what should I do?

It means that he likes you. Tell him that you like him.

What does bluffing with your muffin mean?

It is a woman flirting with another woman. Bluffing=flirting Muffin=another name for a woman's "private area"

What does it mean when a guy smiles at you but he has a girlfriend?

He was probly just flirting. and somtimes smiling is harmless?

How can you make your girlfriend trust you again after flirting with another girl?

Just tell her that it didn't mean anything and that you where just talking to her same thing happened to me and I told her that and she forgave me

What does it mean when a guy has a girlfriend but says I am attracted to him?

If he is playfully saying that you are attracted to him, it means that he is flirting, for sure. He might like you or find you attractive to an extent, but as long as he is dating another girl, it really doesn't mean anything.

Does that mean the guy you like who has a girlfriend don't really like his girlfriend if he flirts with you by playing mind games with you?

Just because he speaks to you doesn't mean he's flirting with you, although if he is, he may just not think that flirting isn't allowed just because of a relationship. Don't get your hopes up.

When a guy bites on your cheek what does that mean?

Although not normal behavior, a guy biting on his girlfriend cheek means he is flirting with her.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is play flirting with another girl?

take it as a joke or tell him you are not happy with it

What does it mean when a girl blows into another girls ear?

they are probably together and she is just flirting with her

What should i do if my boyfriend is flirting with another girl on facebook?

Well if you really want to do something about it you really only have to choices: 1:confront the girl 2:confront the guy also know that what you may some girls consider as flirting is really guys just trying to boost their ego in a way like=okay i have a girlfriend but that doesnt mean i cant still be the guy i used to be. my opinion anyways :)

What does it mean when a guy is flirting with you but he already have a girlfriend and does it mean he a player?

It means, he is a guy who can not commit to one person. Some one who really likes you will take the time to get to know you and not just flirt while he has a girlfriend. I say ignore him.

This boy i like is always flirting with me and sending me pictures of his abs but he has a girlfriend does that mean he likes me back or he's just playing around?

If the boy has a girlfriend, he is probably just being friendly with you.

What should you do if you are sleeping with a guy who has a girlfriend?

You should tell him that you cannot be with a man who's with another girl and hurt someone else like that i mean get real.

What does it mean when a guy says he bonded with you?

It means that he believes that you and him should be together. He's flirting with you.

What does it mean if a guy looks jealous when you are flirting with another guy?

hun, that means he probably likes you(: !! but dont assume he does he could just be disgusted by the presence of someone flirting! hah!

How can you tell when a girl is going to slap you while flirting?

Perhaps when she lifts her hand... Although, just because you are flirting doesn't mean she should get violent. Unless you like it.

When a guy tickles you does that mean he is flirting or he likes you?

Usually it means he's flirting but it can also mean he likes you.

What if a guy has a girlfriend and he doesnt think you know and he gives all the signs of liking you what does it mean and what should I do?

I would stear clear of him....number 1 he is lying to you already---he has a girlfriend---and number 2 what if you were that girlfriend....he is just another cheating guy.

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