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What does it mean if you smile at a guy staring into your eyes and he doesn't smile back but doesn't frown either and is it possible that he could still be interested in you?

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April 15, 2009 8:36PM

An interesting question. I suppose it's all in context. Where

are you doing the staring? If he's staring into your eyes from 40

feet away and doesn't react to your smile it's probably because

he's not actually looking at you at all, but he's thinking about

important things, like why does there have to be an end to football

season or how can he afford the payments on a new BMW. If he's

staring into them from 12 inches away in a restaurant and he

doesn't react to you, it could be because he's mildly retarded. I'm

afraid the only way you are going to know what he's thinking is to

ask him. I know women always think they know exactly what a guy is

thinking at any given moment of any given day, but believe me, it

ain't true. If he's close enough to be really staring into your

eyes, he's close enough to ask. Phil. He might be shy, but he also

might not really be thinking about you. (guys aren't always very

observant, I'm a guy, and even I will admit that).

Keep smiling :)

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