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Implantation bleeding, irregular period or UTI. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

2007-03-11 23:58:17
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Q: What does it mean if you spotted pink for a few days and then a glob of blood came out and then the next day you bled for a short period of time?
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What will happen if there are no platelets in the blood in short answer?

The blood would not clot and once something bled, it would bleed forever.

To have lost blood?


My period was a day late Spotted brown for a day bled the next day light pink then spotted the next day and now bleeding again Am I Pregnant My fiance and i have been trying to get pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test. It is hard to say. When was your period suppose to start? Are you having any abdominal cramps?

What does bled mean?

"Bled" is the past tense of the word "bleed", meaning to drain of blood.

What is loss of blood called?


When cleaning the starfish it bled an orange color what is it?

there blood everything has blood

What could be a reasons for an abnormal period I spotted 2 days bled 2 days and then spotted 3 days...?

If you are on any kind of birth control this could happen, espicially if you just started taking birth control. If that is the case, your menstrual cycles should balance back out. If you are a teenager it could be just your hormones. They can very well be why your period is abnormal.

What could it be if you think you are ovulating and you have a glob of light pink blood when you go to the bathroom and then after sex you bled a little are you ovulating?

Maybe you just started your period

2days late for perios and bled 1 drop of red blood 1 day before period was due what does this mean?

You might be pregnant. Take a test

You bled a week before your period then when the time your period came you spotted and cramped are you pregnant?

Take a pregnancy test. Also cycle can change after a certain amount of months, if you been having a normal period for at least the last 6 months to a year it's a little easier to use the method to tell if your pregnant or not

You think you might have gotten pregnant but you bled randomly for a verry short period of time three days after possible conception did you have a miscarriage?

that bleeding may have been implantation bleeding

Do androids have blood?

yes because 17 has bled from the mouth in the anime

Why is Jewish meat bled?

The Torah strictly forbids the consumption of blood.

Is pregnancy possible if you barley spot two days before your period was due and then the day your period was due you had what seemed like a period but only bled for two days. This is unusual for me.?

Hi, The same thing happened to me. I was preggers and i spotted but i never came on. If you are on the Pill, spotting and ireegular periods are normal. I would go and get a pregnancy test just to be sure

What does bled out mean?

If someone "bleeds out" or has "bled out" it means they died because they lost a great amount of blood due to a wound not being closed (or able to be closed).

Did Selena die from losing a lot of blood?

Yes she died. She was shot and bled out.

Your period was 5 days late and you only bled for a day?

Take a pregnancy test

Your period for the last 2 months have been lighter and shorter and last 2 days.Your period usually last 4 full were a week late you spotted a little then the next day you bled and that's all?

Periods can be irregular for a few reasons. Different medications, stress and even pregnancy can make your period lighter or heavier. If you feel worried you should of course see your doctor.

What is puberty in a females body?

It is where you have your Period and bled for a week or so and at that time u can have sex and get pregnant

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What is the medical term meaning a body has been emptied of blood or 'bled out'?

Exsanguination or Exsanguinated.

Howdid George Washington die?

He died because of blood loss. He had a throat infection so the doctors bled him, but let out to much blood.

You are a day late on your period and bled a little after sex last night Could you be pregnant?

not neccessarily, doubtful