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Stress or illness can still wreak havock on your period even when you're on the pill. It may mean nothing. If you have taken any recent medications, especially anti-biotics, some of them cancel out the effects of the pill. A doctor or pharmacist can tell you if the medication can render the pill ineffective. Of course there is always a small chance of pregnancy, even with the pill. If it was a normal period, just early, there is probably nothing to worry about at all. If you have any other symptoms or concerns, talk to your doctor.

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Q: What does it mean if you started your period the day before you were supposed to start your sugar pills if you usually don't start until the 4th day into the sugar pills?
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You had spotting for 3 days right before you were supposed to start your period but it never started could you be pregnant?

It is quite possible.

Is it okay if you started your pills before you started your period you were supposed to take them when you started does it make you miss your period that month and is it still effective?

It's fine. Use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days.

If you have protected sex the day before are supposed to have your period and your period does not come can it be a sign for a late period or pregnancy if so what are the chances?

Usually, that close to a period sex will cause a delay in the period for a day or two.

Your period usually last 5 daysthis week it lasted 2 and you had unprotected sex the day before it started is this normal?

You probably just worried. It doesn't show that fast if you are pregnant. well, your supposed to get pregnant during your period (if unprotected sex)and it does stop when that happens..... mabye you should get a test

Is burping an early pregnancy symptom?

Yes it was one of the 1st symptoms (like before period was even supposed to begin)for me for 2 of my pregnancies, and now as I wait for my period I started burping again yesterday.

What could be wrong if you started having brown discharge about five days before your period was supposed to start and you still have it six days later with some blood?


Clear gel like discharge 2 days before your next period is supposed to start could you be pregnant?

Probably not, it usually just means you are ovulating.

Can you have children if you haven't started your period?

You can get pregnant before you experience your first period.

Why might you get your period a week and half before your supposed to get it?

lack of protein or iron.

Can girls get PMS right before their first period?

Yes I'm 13 and started my period about 5 months ago so I was late I had pms for about a week before a started my period Xx

If a girl has sex before shes started her period she doesnt bleed but if she has it after shes started her period as well as before will she still bleed?

Whether you will bleed or not the first time you have sex have nothing to do with your period.

Can the death of a close family member that happened 1 week before you were supposed to start your period prevent you from getting your period that month?

It's possible. Stress can cause ovulation to be suppressed, but that would've been two weeks before you were supposed to get your period.

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