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What does it mean if you tell someone you love them and there is no response in return?


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if you tell someone you love them and their is no response back then that means 1 they is undecided 2 they dont know what to say because they are confused 3 or if they wait along time to say i love you back then they dont really love you or if they don't say nothing at all they definetly don't love you. when you find true love you would know!


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it means if you are in love with someone then show them you love them. and in return you will receive there love back.

It means they are probably expecting an answer in return

Yes, it is definitely possible to love someone who doesn't love you. But just because you love someone doesn't mean that you belong together, especially when the person doesn't love you in return.

In love someone mean you like her/him and get to know the person To love someone mean you give all your love to someone you care and she/he love you back

Love means trust someone you like. it means to swear your God about your feeling and action. total unselfishness and honest. Totally free from "what if..." idea. and no expectation from your love. love is not give and take game. love is only giving. give and give. in return, love will return to you with same way. that's what love means although most people confuse the meaning of love. this is not the true love if you want to have some return. L

To love in vain means that you get nothing in return for your love. It means that you gave your heart to someone who did not care to have it.

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

Just because you may be truly in love with someone, there is no guarantee that they feel the same way about you. That's what we all hope for, but sometimes that may not be the case.AnswerUnfortunately, no. That is not the case. You can be truly in love with someone who does not return those feelings or, any at all, for that matter. The only thing that you can do is move on even though it may be painful for a while. It happens all the time. There will be someone down the road who will return your love.

It means to respond to what someone said

Love you, it means, someone loves you!

You mean of someone return you? Yes you can.

Begets means 'to cause', i.e. if you love someone they will love you back.AnswerJust because you love someone, doesn't necessarily mean they will love you back. What this quote really means is that in order to be loved, you must be willing to love. It's similar to "love is a two-way street"; you can't expect to be loved if you won't love that person in return.

You want to be in love with someone, or you are falling in love now.

To deny that you love someone - to renounce your love

it means that you have feelings for that person and that you want to share your life with them. What i means to be in love with someone is that u love that person and that you have feelings for him/her.

If someone says that to you, they probably mean that they love you as a person, but not in a relationship type way. I don't mean to be a downer, but most likely, the answer is "no".

Just because you trust someone does not mean you love them. But, if you love someone you trust them.

even though you love someone doesnt mean you have to be together sometimes its easier not to be with someone if you love them

Aloof means cool. So,to love someone aloof, means to love someone cool.

If you love someone you will love that person for who they are. If you love that person you will not try to change them.

Mean they care about you but are not In Love with you

Yes you can but that doesn't mean that they will love you back.

it means to honor it, to love it, and to fear it

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