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It was probably a miscarriage. Many embryos are miscarried without the mother even being aware. When your body detects a severe defect in the developing embryo, it is expelled. If it can detect the defect early, you might never be able to detect it. Since it miscarried, it was probably defective enough that it could never have developed into a fetus. Nature has a way of working those things out. You can always try again. I don't want to dash your hopes because I am also going through some similar problems but I would think that you may have miscalculated your period or that you may be having a very early miscarrage. Try going to see your doctor. You might get more accurate answers there. Good luck!

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Q: What does it mean if you thought you might be pregnant but a week late for your period you went to the bathroom and were bleeding tissue for an hour?
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You had light bleeding when you were supposed to start your period and brownish discharge when you weep after going to bathroom now you feel tired legs faint line on test strip.could you be pregnant?

Yes you are pregnant. The bleeding that you experienced was probably 'implantation bleeding' which is when the embro implants into the uterus.

Could you be pregnant if you are on your period for eleven days?

Well if you thought you were pregnant before you started bleeding, and the bleeding is still going on after eleven days i would deffinatly see a doctor. It might be a miscarriage.

Can you still get your period while your pregnant?

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

If you have negative pregnancy test with missed period and bleeding are you pregnant?

Unlikely - the bleeding probably was your period

You had what you thought was implantation bleeding on the 6th of August but after being a week late you get a light period does this mean you are not pregnant?

I would test just to be sure. You can have bleeding in early pregnancy.

You are having period symptoms but no bleeding could you be pregnant?

Even in the presence of bleeding, you could still be pregnant.

If you are on your period does the bleeding stop if you become pregnant?

No, your period does not stop. I started my period on a Friday, had unprotected sex on Sunday & he did not withdraw, and continued my period as normal. I went to the emergency room the next month wondering what was wrong with me (the thought of being pregnant never crossed my mind) and turns out I was pregnant.

Can you get pregnant while bleeding or on your period?


You thought you were pregnant but your period came heavy?

Then you're not pregnant. If you had had a positive pregnancy test before the bleeding it was probably a miscarriage, so you need to go and see your doctor

Can implantation bleeding occur 2 days after your period ends?

No, it can't. Implantation bleeding occurs when you don't get a period, and your body is actually pregnant. You are not pregnant.

Can a period be mistaken for implantation bleeding?

Yes. This happened to me. I thought I was having a lighter, longer period which lasted a whole week. I didn't find out until my period was due the following month that I was pregnant. I thought I was four weeks pregnant. Several weeks later during an ultrasound I was informed that I was four weeks further along than I had thought. I had mistaken the implantation bleeding for my period! No where in any of my research did I see anything about implantation bleeding lasting that long. Most of the information I found said it lasts hours or possibly a day and only 1/4 of women experience implantation bleeding.

How do you know if you're bleeding from your period or pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not be bleeding at all, apart from minor spotting. If you are bleeding, and you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor.

Is it possible to become pregnant 2 days before a period?

yes you can get pregnant you can't get pregnant if your period is still bleeding

Can you get normal like period bleeding while pregnant?

You can't have your period while being pregnant. However, you can have vaginal bleeding frequently during your first trimester.

Why do some women have a period even if they are pregnant?

They don't have a period hun. They experience vaginal bleeding which is known as implantation bleeding. A pregnant Woman will not experience a normal, heavy flow period.

Do you get a period with ectopic pregnancy?

yes you can. I had a bleeding that I thought was a normally period, which turned out to be bleeding from the fact my tube had burst.

Is it true that you can be pregnant even if you just had a period especially if the period was delayed and lighter than usual?

Yes, you can be pregnant even if you just had your period. What you thought was a period could possibly be implantation bleeding.

Could i be pregnant if after sex i was bleeding slightly?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you have your period.

Can you have heavy bleeding like a period but be pregnant?


I have period symptoms but no bleeding?

You might be pregnant. Do a test

Is it possible to have a missed period for two months and have a light period the third month and still be pregnant?

I've heard of women bleeding out of their vagina and mistaking it for a period even though she was pregnant. For example, internal bleeding. So yes, she could already be pregnant and bleeding for other reasons.

How can you tell if it is a period or if bleeding while pregnant?

If you are bleeding while you are pregnant you may vomit. Also it may be a light pink color or spotty if pregnant.

Can you be pregnant and have period like bleeding when your supposed to get your period?

Yes but , it's rare .

If you still get your period but no cramps can you be pregnant?

No, you cannot have periods after you are pregnant. You can have minor vaginal bleeding but it is not a full period flow.

Haven't had my period for a couple months. Why is there now a little bit of intermittent bleeding?

You may just be starting to have your period again. If you thought you were pregnant, you should seek advice from your physician.